It's Halloween Madness - Welcome to My World!

  • October 30, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Yea, one more day until Halloween!  The yard is decorated, the pumpkins are carved and the costumes are ready.  This year was a little bit more trying when getting my children to decide on what they wanted to be.  Not so much for my son but what is it about girls that they have such a hard time deciding what costume they want.  Finally after weeks of looking on we have our winners!  What do you get when you mix Indiana Jones, Hannah Montana and a kitty cat?  Well you get Indiana Jones trying to hack up Hannah Montana's glitter microphone with his machete and a little girl in a cat suit chasing the dogs all over the house.  Welcome to my world! For my 10 year old son Caden, he knew the minute the movie was released this summer that he was going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween.  He's already seen the movie three times and can't wait for it to come out on DVD (which will make it a perfect stocking stuffer at Christmas).  It was easy to find the Indiana Jones costume he wanted at  Of course we had to get the complete package including the over-the-shoulder satchel bag, the leather whip and by all means he just couldn't be seen as Indiana Jones without the machete!  Although I probably should have thought twice about the whip and machete, the costume fits him perfectly and he looks like a mini-me version of Harrison Ford's character Dr. Henry Walton (aka Indiana Jones).

Now on to my 7 year old daughter, Sydney.  She had a little tougher time deciding, but after much consideration (and driving her mother crazy), she decided she wanted to be Hannah Montana.  Since she has brown hair we got her the blond wig so that she could be in complete character in her Hannah Montanna costume.  Add the glitter microphone and she's set.  However, my son did say that if he has to listen to one more Hannah Montana song he was going to use his machete on her microphone.  I wouldn't be surprised if Sydney's costume goes missing after Halloween (don't you just love little boys?)!


And last but certainly not least is my 5 year old kindergardener Olivia.  She absolutely loves animals and although we have three dogs she has always wanted a cat.  But with two Great Danes and a wild Chocolate Labrador puppy, a kitten would not be an ideal thing to add to our household at this time.  So she decided if she couldn't have a kitty cat then she would just be one for Halloween.  I love that simple way of thinking that children have (little does she know that she will be the only kitty cat in this house for a long time to come)!  However, I do have to say she makes the sweetest kitty I've ever seen. 

You can find these and so many more great kids Halloween costumes here at  Happy shopping and Happy Halloween!