The Perfect Christmas Present - A Costume!

  • November 12, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Speaking from experience I know costumes can keep children busy for hours.  Mine are still wearing their Halloween costumes around the house!  As you know my son Caden was Indiana Jones for Halloween and since he's addicted to the movie he has no problem throwing on his costume and playing for hours in his make shift adventure tent he made in our backyard with his friends.   My oldest daughter Sydney was Hannah Montana and of course like every other little girl in the world, she loves dressing up and playing the part. For Christmas every year I buy my young neices and nephews a costume that I know they'll love.  My neices are perfectly happy with any type of princess costumes and my nephews are into the superhero costumes.  Since HalloweenExpress has so many princess and superhero costumes to pick from at great prices it's easy to find the perfect costume for each of them.