Luck of the Irish!

  • February 09, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
St. Patrick's Day is March 17th and although it's still a month away it's never too early to start getting all your "green" together for the party's, dances and parades.  Every year my family throws a huge St. Patrick's Day party the weekend before.  It's actually a lot of fun planning and preparing everything from the decorations to the food.  My grandma on my mother's side was as Irish as they come.  Her name was Mary O'Brien and she was an amazing lady with a heart of gold.  She passed away a few years back, so now our annual St. Patrick's Day party is dedicated to her memory (which makes it even more special).  Costumes are always a big hit at our party and there's never a shortage of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun costume!  Even though the leprechaun really isn't an Irish take on St. Patrick's Day (it's more of an American tradition), it's still fun to see everyone dressed in costume and having fun.   Some other great ideas are green balloons, green tablecloths, green lights and of course the green beer!  What's St. Patrick's Day without green beer? Start a St. Patrick's Day tradition with your friends and family this year whether it be a party, parade or dinner. has everything you'll need from St. Patrick's Day costumes and accessories to decorations.  Make this St. Patrick's Day one to remember!