X-Men Wolverine Is Back!

  • May 01, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


Today May 1, is the official release of the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."  It's actually a prequel to the X-Men blockbuster franchise, going back to the beginning and showing how the mutant character Wolverine came to be.  By the way Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine just got People's Magazine "Sexiest Man Alive" title!  So for all you ladies out there, it's an added bonus when going to see the movie!  He's got my vote! My son, Caden has been bugging my husband all week to take him to see it this weekend.  So sure enough, tonight he's taking Caden and a few of his friends to see the movie.  It's already received great reviews so I'm betting the movie theater is going to be pretty packed tonight!  I think I'll wait and see it next week.  I'm sure Caden will want to go again anyway! You can bet the Wolverine costume will be a huge hit this Halloween season!  I can see it now, kids running around with the Wolverine signature 3 blades on each hand trying to trick or treat and not hurt someone in the process!  You can bet there will be plenty of adult Wolverine's out there too this Halloween.