Make Your Party A Big Hit With Halloween Wine!

  • September 08, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

No adult Halloween party is complete without costumes, appetizers and plenty of adult beverages.  This year the trendy party drink is  Halloween Wine!  Everyone loves wine so why not include it in your holiday festivities? 


Red wine couldn't be any more appropriate for a Halloween party because of its color.  Seeing Dracula walking around with a goblet of blood (aka Cabernet Sauvignon) adds an aura of creepiness to the partys atmosphere. 

Halloween Wine with names like "Bone Dry Red" complete with a black and white skeleton on the label and "Ghostly White" with a label of hands reaching up from the dead are the perfect beverages for your Halloween party! So this year in keeping with the Halloween theme serve your guests Bone Dry Cabernet or Ghostly White Sweet or Chardonnay!  Believe me, your guests will be dying for it...