Fraggle Rock Returns With "Scared Silly"!

  • September 03, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell

Do you remember the tv series Fraggle Rock?  It was a beloved children's animated show in the 80's created by Jim Hensen and made up of what else...muppets!  It was right up there in popularity with Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.  Well, it's coming back to the US next month in the form of a DVD just in time for Halloween called "Scared Silly" and is sure to be a big hit!  It consists of three mysterious and magical Fraggle stories that will entertain kids and parents alike!  The Fraggle Muppets of Fraggle Rock are curious, clever and brave.  The five main muppet characters are:
  • Gobo - He loves exploring
  • Mokey - She loves painting
  • Red - She loves sports
  • Wembley - He loves playing the bongos
  • Boober - He loves doing laundry and cooking 
They live in a cave called Fraggle Rock and spend most of their time playing, exploring, and having fun.  I think that's why children love to watch them! And it's not just the DVD bringing Fraggle Rock back into the spotlight, but these fun loving characters are coming out as Halloween costumes as well!  What a great idea for a group costume!   All you men that want to relive a fun memory from your childhood, grab a Boober or Gobo Costume and for the ladies wanting to get in on the fun be sure to order a Red or Mokey Costume and bring those lovable Fraggles back to life!