That's The Way We Became The Brady Bunch!

  • September 09, 2010
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Brady Bunch

Halloween is a holiday best celebrated with lots of family and friends; the more the merrier!  That's why group costumes are so popular.  Nobody wants to trick-or-treat alone! There are so many great themes to pick from when choosing group costumes.  My favorite by far is "The Brady Bunch".  I grew up watching the show and can still remember many of the episodes - who doesn't!  The Brady Bunch taught us many important life lessons - such as donning a huge Afro wig will make one more popular, how to sport a groovy man perm, taking an ancient tiki from Hawaii is a sure way to get you cursed and exaggerating to your friends will get Davy Jones to sing at your prom. Besides all that, the Brady Bunch gave us a sense of style!  There wasn't a family out there that could put together outrageous vintage outfits quite like Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy! This Halloween I'm definitely getting my husband to dress as Mike and I'm donning the Carol Brady costume!  Florence Henderson (who played Carol all those years) is putting on her dancing shoes to complete in "Dancing With The Stars" which airs on ABC in a couple weeks and I know Carol Brady is going to be one hot dance momma!  I'm sad that my children are too young to appreciate the phenomenon known as The Brady Bunch, but I'm sure my brothers and sisters will be more than happy to portray one of the Brady's in a Brady Bunch costume.  Without a doubt we'll win first place in any costume contest this Halloween!