Nothing But the Best

  • October 12, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

We know it happens to you because it happens to us, too.  After you’ve been shopping for Halloween costumes for long enough, sometimes everything starts to look great and it creates a condition we like to affectionately call “costume confusion.”  Hey, we understand.  Halloween only comes once a year and there is a lot of pressure to get just the perfect costume, otherwise it’s a whole ‘nother year before you can redeem yourself!  If you need a gentle nudge in the right direction here’s a little “Best of” list we put together to give you some help.  (Or to further muddy the waters, but hey we tried…)

Best of:

Scary: Zombie Prom queen-This costume will have horrific appeal to a lot of age groups.  Mildly reminiscent of the classic horror heroine from the movie “Carrie,” this Prom Queen has morphed into a classic zombie look that is very en vogue these days both in TV and in the movies.  If you are looking for a frightening look that completely thumbs a nose at all things ‘high school’--this morbid chick looks like she’s been to one reunion too many. 


Sexy:Fallen Angel-Dark and sultry, this Fallen Angel is the perfect juxtaposition of both Halloween creepy and sexy innocence.  Sort of like an angel that fell on hard times, there is something sinister yet still very sweet about her.   For girls that have many complicated layers or for good girls who just want to toy with something a little on the dark side, the Fallen Angel proves once and for all that even the baddest of girls can actually be very, very good.


Funny:Angry Birds-If you’ve ever played this game (and who hasn’t, let’s be honest, here) you know how frustrating and annoying it is to be stuck on a level and have those darn green pigs just sitting there in their quarry--mocking you.  Some of the birds are powerful and do their job well, while others just seem to flutter about uselessly and forget that there are pigs out there to annihilate.  For a hilariously clever costume idea, dressing up as one of the characters from everyone’s favorite app, (except when I want to throw my phone across the room) is going to be a sure fire hit at your Halloween party.


Superhero -Captain America-Arguably the most patriotic of the superheroes, Captain America costumes are a great choice if you are looking for a character that is simply out of this world.  With superhuman powers, a perfect body and a mission based on nobility as well as squelching evil, becoming Captain America for the night is actually a pretty sweet gig.  With fantastic costumes available for men, women and children, your entire family could be a whole gang of Captain America’s--now that’s some serious crime fighting capability.  Save the world--or at least your Halloween party.


Animal-Fox-We know that you’ve heard it before--if the shoe fits, wear it.  If you are looking to exhibit some animalistic behavior this Halloween and want the perfect Halloween costume choice to do it in, dressing up as this sassy version of a (stone) Fox might be the ultimate way of paying a huge compliment to yourself.  Alluring, yet in the most unattainable way, this sexy fox is ready to go on a Fox Hunt of her very own.


Cute-Ballerina Butterfly-Many little girls dream of being a ballerina as a youngster, others of us were forced into tutus and tights when we’d rather have been playing ‘steal the flag’ with the neighbor boys.  If you have a girly girl at your house, there is absolutely no denying how feminine, dainty and just plain pretty this costume is and your little girl is going to love wearing it while feeling like the little angel that she is. The Ballerina Butterfly costume inspires grace, elegance and femininity.  And then when she’s done with all that, she can go outside and run around in the dirt. 


Traditional-Gothic Vampire-Halloween has many classic creepy characters associated with it; vampires are certainly one of them.  If you are a traditionalist, you may be looking for a tried and true Halloween spook costume and this look could certainly be it.  Vampires have been extremely popularized in today’s media as tortured souls both torn and a bit lost somewhere between love and bloodlust.  Bring your own vampire-ish charm into your Halloween with this dark rendition of a Halloween classic.


Kid-Bumblebee-Kids love action figures and they especially love the Transformers.  (Uh, this goes for big kids, too)  What could be better than a 15ft. tall robot that can transform himself into a Volkswagen Beetle?  This costume is a lot of fun for kids of all ages that just want to take on the Decepticons and get involved in a bit of minor espionage.  With Bumblebee inspired costumes available for men, women and kids, your entire family can be a bona-fide buzzing swarm of bees! 


Infant/Toddler-Tom Arma Monkey-Alright folks, there’s cute and then there’s cuuuuute.  Your little monkey is going to make everyone simply bananas when he goes out trick or treating in this soft little furry number.  Off the charts on the adorable scale, this costume proves once and for all that being precious and darling on Halloween is just monkey business.


Best Decoration-Matilda the Witch-A bit scary, but not too much so, Matilda is the perfect decoration to set a Halloween mood on your front stoop.  She will cast a witchy spell on your visitors as she cackles at them and glares at them with her glowing eye.  Well over 5 ft. tall, Matilda will not be overlooked and will easily make her presence known as she strokes her pet black cat while greeting your neighborhood trick or treaters.  Everyone needs a good welcoming committee on Halloween-so consider making Matiltda yours as she is known to work pretty cheap.


Best Mask-Old Man/Old Lady-This is sort of like an experiment in fast-forwarding (hopefully) a lot of years.  Remarkably realistic looking, with these masks you can instantly transform yourself into an old man or an old woman and have fun experimenting with the whole old geezer thing.  Don’t be surprised if a few people question the wisdom of trick or treating at ‘your age.’ 


Weird-Ballerina Costume-Maybe it’s you, or maybe it’s one of your friends, but we all know at least one person that really, really wants to wear this costume.  Our ballerina costume, which tends to speak for itself, will take any Halloween party by storm.  Not for the shy, timid or demure, this costume will make a hilarious statement and is undoubtedly going to bring to life some of your most hidden talents.  Perhaps it should come with a warning label, too. 


Men’s-Caribbean Pirate-If you are one of those guys (or know one that fits the bill) that is not crazy about costumes, sticking with traditional manly themes is going to be right up your alley.  This sexy pirate is a real swashbuckler and a man’s man in every sense of the word.  (Not to mention a chick magnet, too.)  For a costume that’s cool (and not embarrassing) our Caribbean pirate gives you all you need excuse-wise for a night of cursing, using bad manners and drinking with reckless abandon.  Shiver me timbers and arrrrghh.


That’s it folks.  Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow down your costume choices a little bit.  It’s officially time to get excited.  Halloween is almost here!

 “Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.” Mason Cooley