Now That's Funny

  • October 14, 2011
  • Jenna Maxwell

Were you always the class clown?  Or perhaps you are a very shy person that needs a costume that does all the talking?  Today more than ever before, funny costumes are making their way smack into the Halloween limelight.  Let’s face it, bloody and gory costumes definitely have their place on Halloween, but they aren’t for everybody.  If you are one of those people that are better suited for something more lighthearted, here are some choices that you may want to consider. 

  1. Are you a Simpson’s fan?  What could be more hilarious than a night spent as Duffman, the pelvic thrusting spokesman and mascot for the Duff Beer Company.  Outfitted in his standard uniform of blue and red tights and cape, Duffman and his bulging musculature wear the “DUFF” logo proudly, smack in the center of his massive, ripped chest.  Duffman’s very handy utility belt is fully loaded with several cans of beer.  “Oh yeah!!!”

  2. All right, it’s funny and maybe some might think a little crude, too-- but if you aren’t afraid of a little out ‘n out obnoxious humor, this Beaver Hunter get up might be just for you.  With bright orange safety vest emblazoned with “1st Annual Beaver Hunt, Load Up Your Pistol And Head To The Bush; We Gonna Snatch Us Some Beaver” --yeah, you might be a red neck but you are definitely going to get your point across. 

  3. Ever just sat around and pondered what it might be like to be a 500 lb. Sumo Wrestler?  Well folks, here is your chance to find out and you don’t even have to enlist in the special Sumo Wrestler training camp in order to do it.  This unique inflatable costume is going to instantly morph you into a very large and very intimidating (well, maybe) Sumo god that is ready to take on any and all opponents.  Just make sure they aren’t wearing any sharp objects!

  4. Are you ready to party?  Then perhaps you should just wear a costume that speaks for itself.  This “Ultimate Party Animal” is ready to get something fun started, beginning with some serious monkeying around.  With a no-monkey-biz Chimp mask, plaid shorts, and a shirt that says it all, your almost there.  Add the handy utility belt that will hold several cold brewski’s and you will be good to go for a night of just enjoying the real inner you.  Party on, you animal!

  5. Ever heard of the 10 Commandments of partying?  Are you really a stickler for rules?  If so, you may very well be a candidate to be Party Moses and bring the 10 commandments of partying to the good people at your next Halloween function.  With commandments such as “Thou shalt always indulge in thy holy beverage, “ and “Thou shalt always …#&@!...I forget,” you will have all your friends begging for more of your kind of rules.  Take charge of your next gathering and bring them the holy word.

Okay, you funny guys, go get ‘em.  Be safe and sane, but be sure and make ‘em laugh. 

“I’m not funny.  What I am is brave.” Lucille Ball