Great Ideas for a Super Fun Valentines Day

  • January 23, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Ideas for a Super Fun Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Now is the time to start planning to make sure all those that you care about feel special and remembered on this day of “all things love.”  We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas to put you into a Valentine’s Day mood, whether it’s by having some family fun or planning a special night of romance with your significant other. 

Homemade Valentines:  One of the longest lasting traditions surrounding Valentine’s Day (and one that even your kids are going to love!) is that of creating handmade Valentine’s to share with friends and family.  Making these Valentines doesn’t have to be complicated either.  Simple heart shapes cut from red and pink construction paper can be glued onto paper doilies.  Decorate these with stickers and cutouts that you can pick up at your local craft store.  Kids will enjoy taping on a Valentine themed sweet treat, especially if these are to be passed out at school.  If you are a grown up making a homemade Valentine, try composing an original Valentine’s poem to put on yours.  Even if it’s silly, a truly heartfelt message will get your point across beautifully and will be far more meaningful than a store bought card.

Heartfelt Pizza:  Buy ready-made pizza dough or use your favorite recipe.  Instead of making traditional round pizzas, make individual serving size pizzas, fashioning the dough carefully into heart shapes.  Top your pizza with pizza sauce and other toppings that you would normally use.  This is a simple but very fun variation on a traditional favorite recipe that will get your entire family into the spirit of the holiday!

Valentine's Day Ideas

Learn The Traditions:  Kids (and grown ups, too!) will enjoy learning about how Valentine’s Day began and about some of the traditions that surround it.

  • St Valentine:  There are many variations of the story of St. Valentine around, but here is one you can start with.  St. Valentine was a priest back in the days of the Roman Empire.  When Emperor Claudius ruled, he outlawed marriage for young men, as it was his belief that men without wives and children made better soldiers and the young men were the ones that he wanted in his army.  St. Valentine surreptitiously married the young couples in complete defiance to the law, as he believed the young men should be allowed to be in love, marry and have families.  Even though St. Valentine would eventually be killed for performing these marriages, his memory and legend still remains.
  • Cupid:  So where did this strange, blindfolded god come from anyway?  In Roman Mythology, Cupid, the son of Venus, is considered to be the God of desire, affection and erotic love.  The legend of Cupid professes that he is a small boy with wings, carrying a quiver of potent arrows on his back. Even though for some reason Cupid is blindfolded, he will still take aim and try to shoot his victims in the heart.  Once struck by Cupid’s arrow, the victim will fall hopelessly in love.

Valentine Treasure Hunt:  Kids of all ages can tailor this idea according to its most ideal plan.  Trails of candy can be left for the intended recipient until the end of the line is reached, where a bouquet of flowers or balloons is waiting.  Another fun idea is to leave clues around the house, each clue leading to another clue until the final Valentine’s surprise is reached.  A more grown up (and very sexy) version of this same game is to leave clues (along with a few delicious surprises) along your lover’s journey.  For example, leave a clue on a small plate with a delicious chocolate covered strawberry.  The next clue could be sitting adjacent to a glass of champagne.  When your lover reaches the final destination and surprise, it will be you waiting; all dressed to the nines in very sexy Valentine themed lingerie or one of our fabulous Valentine’s Day costumes!  Now that’s a Valentine!

No matter what you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, a little extra effort will make this special holiday far more memorable as well as fun.  Get your entire family together for some heartfelt and super fun Valentine’s Day activities--everyone will be feeling the love!