Top 5 List of Father’s Day Gifts

  • June 11, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Father's Day 2012:  Top 5 List of Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day:  What He Really Wants  (Hint:  It’s Not a Tie!)

It’s that time of year again when we honor the great husbands and fathers of the world.  In case you haven't looked at the calendar lately, Father's Day is this coming Sunday -- June 17th. If the man in your life is anything like the vast majority of them out there, if there is something he really wants, he likely already has it.  Anything else (shirts, ties, BBQ tools, etc.) is likely to be appreciated but perhaps you want more of a reaction than what any of these ho-hum gifts are going to bring.  If you want to plan something really unique and special for your guy that is also going to get him legitimately excited, we’ve got some unique Father’s Day gift ideas for you.  Here’s our Top 5 list of Father’s Day gifts that the man in your life is absolutely going to love!

1. Beer Night:  You know he wants to do it, so just roll with this one as a unique gift to give him on his special day.  Invite his favorite buddies over for a night of beer, BBQ and video games, apps, or even an action packed dude flick.  Buy all sorts of man food for the guys to grill up and stay out of the man cave as much as possible while the boys do what they will do.  It may not be pretty, but he’s likely to have the time of his life.

2. Poker Night:  Get your guy and a few of his friends some poker chips and set up a poker table just for this event.  Have on hand plenty of beer, wings, pizza, chips and dip.  (Nothing fancy, this is a men-only night!)  Take the kids out of the house for a movie so the men can have the place to themselves.  A fully loaded Kegorator nearby might even make grown men cry!

3. Sports or Concert Tix:  You know your guy best and you know which concert or sporting event he wants to go see badly.  If it’s one you have been resisting going to, that’s even better because he won’t be expecting such self-sacrificing altruism.  You can plan to suck it up and attend with him, or better still, buy him enough tickets for him and his best buds to see the event all together.  Everyone scores with this gift!

4. Outdoor Activity: Pack a backpack filled with water bottles, granola bars, etc. and gear up your guy for a hike into one of his favorite localities. If fishing is his game, plan a day for him out at his favorite fishing hole.  If you have the funds, upgrading his rod and reel is a cool surprise, too.  There’s plenty of great gear out there for the golf nuts, too- (real or wannabe) so get him outside doing something he loves with something new in hand to up his game a bit.

5. Biking Day:  Most men have bikes (or other types wheeled toys) so plan an outing to someplace cool in your locality that the entire family can enjoy and take a part in.  After a day of tearing up some new territory on bikes, plan to BBQ outside, but let him take over the reigns and cook it up caveman style.  Find his favorite cuts of meat for him to cook while he lets out a bit of his primal side.  Let him relax in the evening with his favorite luxury alcohol that he will consider a rare and special treat.

Let the men in your life know how special they are by planning a unique day that has some memorable and serious man-fun attached to it.  Not only is he going to have the time of his life, but you are likely to score some major points, too!