ParaNorman: Can Just Being Norman Stop a Zombie Invasion?

  • July 25, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Who’s Norman?  Norman is your average everyday “normal” kid, with average everyday “normal” kid problems.  Well, sorta.  Norman is a bit of an outsider at school, is definitely not at all popular, he get’s beat up regularly, and definitely is most comfortable being a loner.  These qualities in Norman however, are the most regular and ordinary parts about him.  What really sets Norman apart from all the other kids is his apparent ability to see and communicate with dead people…aka ghosts.  Talking with and seeing ghosts is all part of everyday “Norman” life, but it doesn’t do much to help him fit in with others and only deepens the ever-growing chasm between him and the other kids at Blithe Hollow Middle School.

Toss in a Weird Uncle:  As if things weren’t bad enough for Norman and his very abysmal social life; he also has a very weird and bizarre outcast uncle.  Although some efforts have been made to keep Norman from the truly strange and somewhat crazy Mr. Prenderghast (likely because of the eerie similarities they have personality-wise), Norman does eventually connect with him, only to get some startling information from him.

Norman is your average everyday “normal” kid, with average everyday “normal” kid problems. 

Zombie Invasion!  An ancient curse cast by a witch is going to create imminent disaster in Norman’s town, as a centuries old spell will cause all the town’s dead to return to life at sundown!  This event suddenly thrusts quiet Norman into the limelight, his special skills and abilities being exactly what’s needed to deal with the approaching zombie invasion!  Suddenly Norman has the opportunity to be the town’s biggest hero of all, but he only has until sunset to do it!  Can the most abnormal freak in town stop this zombie invasion?

Animation Masterpiece.  ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated film.  Each character is created in puppet form and then in order to animate the character; a small movement is made after which a picture is taken.  Another small movement is made, and then another picture is taken.  The process is extremely time-consuming, but this is the way each character is brought to life.  The average animator working on the film was able to create only about 5-8 seconds of film per week!  The zombie-awakening scene alone took well over one year to animate.

ParaNorman hits theatres August 17, just as summer begins to wind down and your Halloween season starts to wind up!  Don’t miss this thrilling animated Paranorman adventure!