Calling All Zombies!

  • August 27, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Have you noticed that Zombies are literally popping up everywhere?  If ever there were a “spook-du-jour”, the zombie would be a very likely candidate.  From television and the movies to even your nightly news, the zombie has become kind of a big deal.  So, why is there all this sudden interest in these brain-craving, flesh-eating monsters that are roaming and multiplying on the earth in trance-like state?  Why is virtually everything imaginable these days being zombi-fied?



  Here’s our top 10 list of why this year could easily be called the year of the zombie!


  1. Zombies used to be human.  There’s no escaping it, virtually any human being from any walk of life could potentially become a zombie; therefore, there is a certain element about the zombie character that pretty much anyone can relate to.
  2. Love Thy Zombie.  It’s potentially feasible that someone you once dearly loved could become a zombie and when they do, they will try to do what all zombies do, which is to try and devour your brains.  Father, mother, sister, brother--what could be scarier than potentially being eaten by a loved one?
  3. Cannibalism is just plain freaky.  The idea of eating human flesh likely makes one cringe, but when it comes to putting sheer terror into you, there’s nothing like a completely cannibalistic dead person coming at you that will quickly accomplish that.
  4. Zombies multiply, and quickly.  Sure, any given zombie attack may start out initially with just one participant, but it only takes one little bite for the them to start sharing the zombie fever.  One quickly turns into five, which quickly turns into twenty, and so on. Eh, that’s the likely reason why they call it a zombie “invasion.”
  5. Zombies look completely hideous.  These monsters are after all, essentially dead people that are in various stages of bodily decomposition.  Peeling flesh, missing body parts, oozing wounds and the remnants of their fleshy feasting are all part of the expected zombie look.
  6. Zombies actually sound really scary.  No matter who the zombie was in “real” life, once zombi-fied, the sounds that come out of them change quite dramatically.  Moaning, groaning and trance-like mumblings are the usual sounds while they are out “hunting”.  Once beginning their feasting, the chewing and slurping sounds that are made are almost unbearably frightening.
  7. Zombies are hard to kill.  Part of the problem is that zombies are already dead, yet somehow they actually aren’t, which in itself is somewhat confusing.  Aside from the fact that you would need to figure out how to really kill something deceased, you never really know for sure that you “got it.”  Zombies have this annoying way of surviving most anything but the most fatalistic blows.
  8. Zombies don’t get tired.  Since zombies are dead, they don’t need to sleep--but you do, so you can bet your sweet bippy that they are going to come at you when you are your most vulnerable.  Now you are exhausted as well as scared.
  9. Zombi-ism is contagious.  The LAST thing you want is to become that thing you most fear--and yet, during any zombie invasion that is exactly what can and does happen; which makes the zombie threat even more frightening.
  10. Zombies can be outwitted.  Watch any zombie thriller and you will note:  The strong and smart survive.  It definitely pays off to be brave and resourceful when it comes to fighting off zombies, ask anyone who’s done it and lived to tell the tale!


If you are looking for the ultimate in terror-inspiring costumes, the zombie is a perfect choice.  Most any character can be easily as well as morbidly transformed into a zombie, making the potential for original zombie characters practically endless!  For ideas on how to create the ultimate in creepy zombie flesh with makeup, visit our how-to video on creating a zombie look.  This undead character is clearly one of this years stand out favorites!