Details. Details. Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume.

  • September 26, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

When it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume, usually you have a good idea of what character look you might like to try and begin by buying the costume you have chosen.  Selecting the right costume is a great start, but sometimes the difference between a good character look and one that really “WOWS” is in the details.  Choosing the right accessories to make your costume look really extraordinary needn’t be hard or time-consuming; knowing where to look for these details is more than half the battle!

Makeup:  The right makeup is going to make your costume come to life.  No matter what your Halloween character choice is, the costume is definitely important, but the greatest emphasis is, and should always be on your face!  Make sure your face is completely “in character”.  We have a huge selection of costume makeup products that are going to enable you to get professional results easily!  Need some pointers?  Check out our how-to video collection for step-by-step instructions on how to create various Halloween character makeup looks!

Special Effects:  Blood, guts, flesh, fangs, and plenty of gore--these special and monstrous details can be essential to your Halloween costume look!  Adding prosthetics, blood, flesh and other things is perfect when looking for the nitty gritty gory details.  Don’t be afraid to try some of these special effect products to really give your character some horrific and frightful details that are sure to make your character extra memorable, not to mention super scary.

Accessories:  No matter what your costume character is, you are likely going to need a few well-chosen accessories to bring your look completely together.  We have absolutely bazillions of accessories to help you to accomplish this.  Wigs, hats, weapons, wings, stockings, shoes, and a plethora of other costume specific accoutrements are available for your choosing on the website.  These little things really can (and do!) mean a lot when it comes to creating that perfect costume look!  Make sure your costume has all the extra touches it needs to create a major impact.

No matter what “extras” your costume needs to add polish, character and style, shop our complete accessory selection to meet all your “detail” needs.