January Heat Wave at The Movies

  • January 09, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

It’s highly probable that over the holidays you found yourself in a movie theatre near you.  With so many heavy hitting movie blockbusters saved for the holiday season, moviegoers were not disappointed; in fact, some of the year’s best movies came out during the holiday season.  January can often hold a movie lovers trifecta and it goes something like this.  1. Many of the season’s best and most exciting films are still in theatres for your viewing pleasure! 2. Some pretty fantastic looking feature films are about to find their way into a theatre near you.  3. Perhaps the best part of waiting until January to hit the movies is that the crowds you may have found during the Christmas season are likely to be somewhat reduced.  Even still, with winter in full throttle and so many fabulous films to be seen, don’t take a chance on missing your favorites while they are still available on the big screen!  Take a look at some of our favorite January picks:

The Hobbit:  If you haven’t seen this film yet, run, don’t walk to your local movie house and see it!  This movie is, in a word--epic!  The characters are rich and interesting and the story of the Hobbit really reaches out, grabs you and pulls you in.   The battle between good vs. evil is something that anyone can relate to as well as watching ordinary folks do extraordinary deeds.

The Life of Pi:  After surviving a harrowing shipwreck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, son of a zookeeper, Pi Patel forms a surprising friendship with a 450-lb. Bengal Tiger as he fights to sustain himself while adrift at sea. 

Lincoln: If knowing that Steven Spielberg directed this film doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the amazing performances of both Daniel Day Lewis (as Lincoln) and Sally Field (as Mary Todd Lincoln) will.  We all know the history lessons we learned in school, but seeing the behind the scenes struggles of this great president and the Civil War in action will leave you breathless. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  Okay folks, we are after all, a Halloween costume website and so we must give a shameless pitch for a classic horror film that keeps on re-inventing itself.  Seeing this kind of murderous rampage in 3-D might be a little much for the squeamish, but it hasn’t stopped droves of moviegoers from doing just that.  This film grossed over 23 million this past weekend--lots of horror fans out there, apparently!

The Last Stand: (Release date Jan. 18) After a largely dismissed book release, Arnold Schwarzenegger is “baaaack” as promised as many of us would prefer to see him--as the good old bad ass tough guy we all know and love.  The Last Stand promises to deliver what many of us like to see most out of Arnold movies.  Action.  Explosions.  Fast Cars.  And we think there are likely to be a few “old guy” jokes in there, too. 

Wreck It Ralph:  For all you kids, big and small out there in the land of moviegoers, “Wreck It Ralph” is the latest Disney animated adventure and is perfectly suited for the entire family.  The story is centered on a video game character that has been labeled as a villainous bad guy, but he would like to take advantage of an opportunity to change his reputation and become a video game hero; thus finding his perfectly blissful video game character brand of happiness.

On your mark…get set…go…to the movies!  Beat this winter’s chill by hitting a hot, hot, hot movie at a theatre near you!