YAY February!

  • February 04, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

There’s something about the arrival of February that’s like a breath of fresh air.  To me, January seems so long and never-ending.  February on the other hand, is a shorter month filled to the brim with all sorts of good things.  The even better news is, that when February ends (and it will rather quickly), it always feels like spring is just around the corner.  So without further a-do, <drum roll, please> Happy February!  To celebrate, here’s a great list of fabulous things February brings!

Holiday’s in Abundance!  Okay, maybe these aren’t huge holidays like Christmas or (our personal favorite) Halloween, but in my book, a holiday is a holiday and February is packed with some really good ones.  Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras are some of the more readily recognized holidays or celebrations we can get excited about during February.  But listen, folks…there are LOTS more.  Check out this list of things to look forward to this month.  And you thought it was just more winter!

Celebrate All Month Long!  You just won’t believe all the month-long celebrations happening in such a short and sweet month.  February honors and marks the following:  Black History Month, American Heart Month, and American History Month.  A few of the less known month-long celebrations include: Responsible Pet Owner Month, Embroidery Month and Bird Feeding Month.  (Nothing spells party like a full bird feeder, right?)

Special Holidays and Celebrations in February--Mark your calendar now!

February 2-Groundhog Day.  Want to know more?  Check out January the 28th’s posting.
February 3-Elmo’s Birthday!  For lots of “Elmo” themed fun, stop by and visit him here: http://www.sesamestreet.org/muppets/elmo
February 3-Super Bowl XLVII--With a game this big you just have to get into it; even if you are just there for the food and to watch the fantastic commercials! 
February 4-Create a Vacuum Day.  (This holiday could truly suck but after your Super Bowl Party it might be just what you need!)
February 5-World Nutella Day!  If you haven’t tried a Nutella and banana sandwich yet, today should be the day!
February 6-Lame Duck Day-A holiday dedicated to those in a position whose time has pretty much run out.  (Probably not everything it’s quacked up to be.)
February 7-Send a Card to a Friend Day-Getting things warmed up for Valentine’s day, methinks…
February 8-Boy Scout’s Day-(founded in 1910)
February 9-Hershey’s Chocolate was founded in 1894.  Women everywhere can rejoice!!! 
February 10-Chinese New Year!  2013 marks the beginning of the year of the Dragon.
February 11-White T-shirt Day-White t-shirt day honors the men and women who honored the sit down strike at General Motors back in 1937.  This is “white” t-shirt day, not wet t-shirt day--which is not to say that you can’t get your white t-shirt wet, but we wanted to make sure that was perfectly clear.
February 12-Abraham Lincoln’s actual birthday-(President’s Day will be celebrated on February the 18th) Also celebrated this day is MARDI GRAS!  Time to eat drink and be merry because tomorrow is…
February 13-Ash Wednesday-the first day of Lent.
February 14-Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to check out our special Valentine’s Day video for a costume look that works better than any Cupid’s arrow ever could!
February 15-National Gumdrop Day-A favorite chewy candy for over 200 years and apparently another fabulous excuse for a party!
February 16-Do a Grouch a Favor Day-Making the world a better place, one grouchy person at a time!
February 17-Random Acts of Kindness Day-Carrying over from yesterday’s theme; today is the day to surprise virtually anyone with a gesture of unexpected altruism and unabashed thoughtfulness.
February 18-President’s Day!  (What will you do with your long weekend?)
February 21-Love Your Pet Day-Time to give Fido a little extra attention and also remind him about what’s coming up on February the 23rd!
February 22-George Washington’s actual birthday
February 23-International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day-(What part of “woof” didn’t you understand?)
February 25-Quiet Day-A Lenten day of reflection.  (I really like the sound of this.)
February 26-Carnival Day-Carnival Day celebrates the great American carnival.
February 27-No Brainer Day-If it requires too much thought or planning, this is not the day to celebrate it.  No Brainer day revels in all things easy, that come naturally, with little or no effort at all.  Really folks, what could be better?
February 28-Public Sleeping Day-Celebrates sleeping in public.  If you ever wanted to try sleeping in a public place, this is the day to do it!
February 29-Leap Day-It happens only every 4th year and 2013 is not one of them!

February looks to be a very interesting month with an eclectic mix of wacky and wonderful days to celebrate.  Make each and every one of them count!