Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • February 06, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s possible that like many of us you have found yourself in a bit of a funk.  Many of us are more spontaneous people when it comes to expressing our love, so having a pre-set, very specific day and time period where so much is expected in the romance area can be a little tricky.  We want it to be special.  We want it to be meaningful.  But maybe giving more boring heart-shaped candy and flowers doesn’t seem to express exactly what we want to say. Sometimes store bought Valentine’s don’t say it right or aren’t enough, either.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean another stuffed bear or a box of chocolates.  Here is our huge list of great Valentine’s Day ideas that will be sure to help this Valentine’s Day be the most memorable one ever!
  1. Surprise! It doesn’t really matter what the surprise is, but doing something that is completely out of the ordinary and truly unexpected will make your partner feel extra special and loved.
  2. Romantic Dinner.  This is an old stand by, but give this Valentine’s Day dinner a special twist by having it at home. Go all out with soft music, candles, and your nice dishes. Use some of your most favorite recipes.
  3. Go Kart Racing.  Not your typical Valentine’s date at all, but the adrenaline rush of go-karting is a super thrilling and fun date that will really get your heart racing!
  4. Dance the Night Away.  There is something extremely sensual about dancing together.  The music…the touching…it’s fun and so sexy!  Try taking a dance class together for another unique spin on this idea.
  5. Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot.  Take fun Valentine’s Day pictures together with your digital camera.  Print your favorite pics for framing and for the memories.
  6. Hit the Shooting Range.  Ready…aim…fire!  He won’t be expecting this date, but he is going to love it.  Compare your paper targets and declare a winner!
  7. Beer or Wine Tasting.  If there’s beer involved, he’s there.   Wine tasting is another fantastic option.
  8. Concert tix.  Get your guy tickets to see his favorite classic rock band and get ready to rock your Valentine’s Day!
  9. Sweat it out.  Take a boxing class together or another workout class that you both would enjoy.  Getting some exercise together and breaking a sweat can get the adrenaline pumping and be very invigorating as well as fun.
  10. Movie Night.  Rent a romantic movie; pop some popcorn and then cuddle up with your Valentine for a sweet and snuggly movie night.
  11. Create Something.  Make something together.  Food is an easy choice, but you can also make homemade Valentines or even a fun craft project for your house.
  12. Love Coupons. Create a set of love-themed IOU’s for all sorts of things that your special someone is going to love.  The best part about coupons is that they can be personalized according to what the two of you like best.
  13. Notes.  Sexy notes in the lunchbox.  An “I love you” taped to the bathroom mirror.  Another note in the car or on his desk.  Remind him of how wonderful he is and how much he means to you!
  14. Sexy Picnic.  Pack a romantic picnic dinner and take it with you somewhere that is meaningful to the two of you.  Enjoy!
  15. Love Letter.  A handwritten love letter is almost a lost art in our digital age.  Find some lovely stationary and pen your sweetie a sincere love letter expressing your innermost feelings.
  16. Poem.  Write a special poem (even if it’s silly) for your special someone.  Need some help?  Try the poem maker found on this page: http://www.whimsies-online.com/valentine.htm
  17. Romantic Memory Book.  Find some of your favorite photos and take them to your local photo counter and have them put into a bound photo book.  This will become a cherished source of memories for you both!
  18. Valentine’s Dessert.  Find a decadent recipe and bake something delicious for your honey.  Feed it to him if you feel so inclined!
  19. Game Night.  Especially fun for families, get out a couple of your favorite games and compete for hilarious fun!
  20. Give Back.  Nothing makes you feel better than doing an act of charity.  Donate time at a food bank or head to a nursing home to visit an older person who might be alone on Valentine’s Day.
  21. Calendar.  It’s still early enough in the year to create a calendar for your loved one using some of your favorite photos of the two of you together.
  22. Stargazing.  Take the picnic dinner (from item #14) and go stargazing.  Lie down on a blanket and just stare up at the sky while enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the romantic time alone together.
  23. Head to the Ocean.  If you are fortunate enough to live near the coast, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a hand held walk along the beach.
  24. Scavenger Hunt.  Guys love a good quest.  Put together some clever clues and send your guy out on a mission to figure out where his Valentine’s present is--it’s even better if the surprise is you!
  25. Live Big.  Having an amazing as well as exhilarating experience together is a unique idea for Valentine’s Day.  A Hot Air balloon ride, sky diving, rock-climbing- see what’s available in your area and have a fantastic couple’s adventure!