Dark Skies: When Horror and Aliens Collide

  • February 20, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Another heart-pumping flick is about to make it’s way to a theatre near you! Dark Skies, a much-awaited suspense film will be in theatres Friday, February 22nd. The trailer looks pretty epic and around these parts, we can’t wait for another heaving dosing of things that will go bump in the night!

Dark Skies hopes to perfectly juxtapose the jumpier and spine-tingling aspects of psychological horror with a modernly twisted storyline that weaves a tale of truly evil extraterrestrials who are bent on abduction.

In Dark Skies, the suburban Barret family appears to be an average family and all too normal at the outset, but this normality begins to change rather quickly.  Strange things begin to happen to the family and it appears that the children have been somehow targeted.  The Barret family’s once peaceful existence is rocked to the core by a series of truly alarming and frightening events.  Even the neighbors have begun to notice the strange behavior of their once ordinary neighbors and think the Barret’s have basically gone nuts.   Terrified and confused, the Barret’s, as a way to conceal the barrage of strange events, are forced to isolate themselves further and further from those they once called their friends.

As very bizarre and frightening events continue to take place and escalate in their lives, the Barret’s begin to realize that a powerful force is entering their home at night and is somehow preying upon their children.  Frightened and very afraid, the Barret’s still must find a way to take on this unknown and clearly deadly force themselves as they search to find a way to take matters into their own hands.

The media scuttlebutt has compared this new film to “Poltergest”, (think back a few years) but rather than a ghostly haunting, Dark Skies features an alien takeover.  The aliens in Dark Skies don’t appear to be nice, friendly or simply curious ones, either.  These sinister beings seem to have chosen one of the Barret’s kids as their victim; could someone they know also possibly be an insider?

Dark Skies stars Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and Dakota Goya and will be in theatres Friday, February 22.  Getting this scared might be just what you need to help beat the winter chill--check it out!  “Once you’ve been chosen, you belong to them!”