Why We Love to Dress Like Athletes

  • February 25, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

It seems to have reached epidemic proportions.  Wearing sports or athletic gear just for fun and casual wear is more popular than ever.  It doesn’t seem to be all that important if one is athletically inclined or not, wearing the right sports attire is what seems to matter the most and fitness (or even pseudo-fitness) as fashion is a trend that simply cannot be ignored.   Whether you are wearing a well-known athlete’s sponsored sneakers, a big name player’s jersey or just your favorite local team’s t-shirt, we all seem to love being athletic supporters.  We do love our athletes and there are many loyalists who quite simply, love their teams so much that wearing their team’s gear is their way of showing expressing it.  Wearing appropriate clothing to support your favorite team or athlete is also considered cool and goes right along with the most rapidly growing apparel segment in the market today--active wear.  If you find yourself reaching for your favorite sports gear over and over--here’s a few reasons why!

Admiration:  It’s easy to have admiration for those that have outstanding athleticism and talent.  Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, or even cheerleading--it’s inspiring for us average Joe’s to see what these awe-inspiring athletes can do and to note what their accomplishments are.  Perhaps by wearing the same shirt or pair of shoes as they do makes us feel just a little bit a part of who they are. 

Passion:  Most great athletes didn’t get to where they are in their careers by sitting on their laurels.  If you read the back-stories on most athletes, their life stories are often filled with setbacks, unique trials they’ve overcome, and they often have a unique ability to keep an eye on their dreams and remain steadfast in moving toward them.  These super athletes have a drive and passion that is unsurpassed and unwavering, which for most of us can be very inspiring.

Role Models:  Many of us, especially our children, look up to super athletes as role models.  It’s a form of hero worship that is simply undeniable and whether the athlete is deserving of such adulation or not, still many youngsters do look up to them, simply because of their outstanding athletic achievements.  It can be disappointing to many fans when a well-known athlete behaves in a way that is socially unacceptable or inappropriate.  Even though like anyone else, these athletes are just human beings, somehow with their infamy and elevated stature, we expect them to behave in a way that respects how many of us look up to them, even though this is frequently not the case. 

Love Of The Game:  Sometimes it’s not about any athlete in particular per se, but wearing sports gear is simply a gesture of expressing one’s love of the game.  Pick a sport, whatever that sport may be, and you can bet that there is appropriate fan gear designed for you to wear to show your love and appreciation.  Obviously, fans love getting geared up for attendance at any athletic event, but nowadays, the masses enjoy wearing sports gear every day or just for casual wear purposes.

It’s fun to show your appreciation for your team or for your favorite player by dressing up in appropriate athletic gear or by wearing a part of their uniform.  Allow yourself to live a little bit vicariously through your favorite team or athlete and wear your sports gear with pride!