Lucky Charms

  • March 06, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

4 leaf clover

Throughout history, human beings have been a bit obsessed with the acquisition of good luck.  This time of the year, with all the St. Paddy’s day celebrating soon to be going on, there is a particular emphasis on good luck and good fortune. This St. Patrick’s Day, you might be thinking about how you can get some of the luck o’ the Irish for your very own. Here’s a little bit o’ fortuitous scoop on some of the more popular good luck charms that are floating around out there in the world.  Whether for St. Patrick’s or any other day, having a little extra good luck around certainly never hurt!

Four Leaf Clover:  St. Patrick himself used the shamrock to teach the Irish people about the Holy Trinity.  Finding a 4-leaved clover added a rare bonus and has traditionally been a symbol of Irish good luck. The 3-leaved shamrock represented the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The fourth leaf was said to represent a strong blessing, or as it were, good luck.

Horseshoe:   A horseshoe is another well-known symbol of good luck.  If a horseshoe is placed with the open end up, it is said to be particularly lucky as good luck will supposedly flow right into it and be held inside.  Blacksmiths who made horseshoes were working with fire and iron simultaneously, this combination of elements being considered powerfully lucky.

Lady Bugs:  Because ladybugs have the reputation of eating garden pests and other harmful insects, they have also become associated with good luck.  If a ladybug lands on you, you should quickly make a wish and then blow it gently away!

Rainbows:  The legend of the leprechaun likely has something to do with the good luck associated with the rainbow.  Legend states that a leprechaun will hide his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, thus making the rainbow lucky by association.  Rainbows are somewhat rare but are always a beautiful thing to behold.  Pots of gold aside, seeing a rainbow in the sky should always be considered lucky indeed.

The Rabbit’s Foot:  Rabbits have for a long time been considered to be a lucky animal. They are traditionally considered symbols of prolific fertility, as well as of springtime and new life. Obviously these furry critters are very lucky when it comes to love, too!  Because of all these reasons, carrying around a rabbit’s foot is thought to bring good luck to its bearer.

Coins:  Pennies in particular have been associated with good luck.  There is an old saying that many of us learned as children that goes like this, “Find a penny, pick it up and all day long, you’ll have good luck!”  It certainly seems worth a try!

Wishbones:  Come Thanksgiving or any other poultry-centered feast, it’s a common practice to break the wishbone after the meal.  Whoever gets the larger bit of the wishbone after the break is said to get their wish or will have increased good luck or good fortune because of it. 

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