Tax Day: It's Just So Darn Taxing!

  • April 10, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

It's Tax Time!

April 15th, the most dreaded deadline of all deadlines.  It’s a day probably only accountants or H&R Block can love.  Tax Day is sometimes (okay, almost always) filled with anxiety, stress and financial pressure.  Have you filed your tax return yet?  Are you freaking out?  If any of these feelings are with you, trust me, you are not alone.  Tax Day is no picnic for any of us.  If you are one of the luckier ones, your problems may be as simple as asking the question, “How much is my refund going to be?”  If you are not so lucky, you may be experiencing a bad case of the “OH NO! OH NO! I OWE!” syndrome. In this case, it may be time for some deep breathing and meditation.  You will get through this.

If you are having serious issues with your taxes or tax-related stresses, sorry I probably can’t help you.  This is a costume blog, not a financial blog.  That said, you may enjoy a few of our tax day survival suggestions that may make getting through these trying times just a smidge easier.  A sense of humor never hurt anyone.

Counting Down:  There is an actual Tax Day Countdown clock.  If you need to have a little extra pressure put on you in order to make you do things (uh, say for example, your taxes), you might find this Tax Day Countdown Clock helpful.

I actually found this clock rather annoying as it gave me ten times more tax related anxiety simply by just watching this baby count down, but that’s just me.

Freebies:  The bright side of Tax Day is that there are a lot of retailers and restaurants out there that are actually taking pity on the taxpayers of America and offering up some pretty nifty (and in some cases, tasty) freebies.  Here are some of them and we’re betting you will find even more in your own local neighborhood!

  • Arby’s:  Free curly fries or potato cakes at participating Arby’s restaurants on April 15.
  • Boston Market:  Get 2 rib meals for just $10.40 (get it?) on tax day.
  • Cinnabon:  Get 2 free Cinnabon Bites on April 15, while supplies last.
  • Sonic:  Drinks and slushes for 50% off at participating restaurants on April 15th.  Go ahead--drown your sorrows!


Manage Your Stress:  Still feeling stressed out?  Try taking a walk or get outside for a while. Sometimes the simple act of walking away from your pile of forms, documents and receipts and taking a short break will make you feel better.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU!  Yes, he does want your money, but he also wants you to have some fun.  What could be a better way to get even with the big guy than by putting together an IRS-themed costume party or get together?  Paying Uncle Sam isn’t fun, but dressing up as him IS.  Be sure to check out our how-to video for easy step-by-step instructions on how to put together your own fun Uncle Sam look.

Need some other super fun costume ideas to help you celebrate April 15th?

  • You’re Fired Wig!  Dressing up as Donald Trump is super easy when you have his signature “do”. He may have actually had to pay more taxes than you! (You're Fired Wig)
  • Gold Digger:  Hey, it might a solution for next year? (Gold Digger Costume)
  • Robin Hood: You have to have some degree of respect for someone who steals from the rich and gives money to the poor.  (And who isn’t feeling the pinch a little right now?) (Robin Hood)
  • Hundred Dollar Bill:  If you don’t have one, why not just “be” one?  It might offer a small bit of tax day solace. (Hundred Dollar Bill Costume)
  • Lady Luck:  Perhaps we all could use a little of this right now. (Lady Luck)
  • Dress as your Accountant (Nerd costume):  This get up probably doesn’t look exactly like your financial planner but it bears a shocking resemblance to mine, so I am throwing it in. (Financial Planner Costume)


April 15th needn’t be the worst day of the year.  Perhaps it will even surprise you with an unexpectedly large refund coming your way.  In any case, breathe and stay calm.  It’s all going to be all right. 

“Isn’t it appropriate that the month of the tax begins with April Fool’s Day and ends with cries of ‘May Day!’?”-- Robert Knauerhase