Mother’s Day: What She Really Wants

  • May 06, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. Have you thought about what you are going to do for your mom this year?  Mom deserves the best--after all, who is always there to love and support you through thick and thin?  Always your number one fan, your mom is that one person you can always count on to be in your corner.  So, before you pick up that phone and order the same bouquet of flowers that you probably got her last year, let me tell you what she really wants!

Sleep:  Let’s face it; Moms of the world can be exhausted creatures.  With all the over-scheduling, juggling and multi-tasking that moms do on a daily basis there is little time for rest, let alone any quiet time.  By the time moms fall into bed at night they are often fully worn out and completely spent, only to start the whole routine over again the next day.  It’s not fancy, expensive, nor can it be gift wrapped in pretty paper--but giving your mom the gift of a “no-alarm” sleep-in day with absolutely no reason for her to have to get up and go on duty--well, that may very well be the best gift of all.

It Last’s Forever:  Mom’s are sentimental creatures, so if you are going to get her flowers or a plant, why not opt for a variety that you can plant for mom out in the yard.  A tree will be a continual reminder of a Mother’s Day well spent as well as being a trigger for fond memories that will last a lifetime.  A blooming rosebush or other flowering plant is also a lovely choice that your mom is going to really appreciate. 

Plant A Garden Together:  This has become an annual event for Mother’s Day at my house because I really don’t enjoy the actual planting of my garden as much as I enjoy tending it and watching it grow throughout the summer months.  I treasure the family bonding time I have with my kids as we are working on our garden-planting project outdoors together.  As the summer progresses and the fruits and veggies start to be harvested, the garden then becomes a gift that keeps on giving for months and months to come.

Clean Your Room:  It may sound crazy but your mom would love it if for Mother’s Day you cleaned your room. (Not her room, YOUR room.)  Not just minor straightening, but really clean it from stem to stern.  It will make her feel like she has done her duty as a mother when you show her that you really do know how to do it and can follow through on the complete task.  Who knows?  You may decide to keep it that way, too!

Detail Her Car:  Sometimes us moms live in our cars more than we do in our homes which can mean our cars get a little messy.  Wash your mom’s car, vacuum it and clean it thoroughly.  Add a fragrant car freshener when you are finished.  Not only will she be surprised, but she will also be so thrilled that you thought to do it for her.

Write Something Sentimental: When my son was in 7th grade he wrote me a poem that I still have on my fridge. The older kids get, the harder it is for them to express those tender feelings they have for their mom, thus writing them down for her truly can become priceless.  Be warned though (as in my case) your words to mom may be showcased someplace for many years to come.

Gift Of You:  More than anything else in this world, mom’s want to share Mother’s Day with their kids.  Make sure you plan to spend some time with yours because no gift can really offer up what quality time spent with her can.  Take pictures of your time together and frame one to give to her later as these memories will always be something cherished and really meaningful to your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Halloween Express!