Summer Costume Party

  • June 19, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Summer Time Fun!

Summer is packed to the brim with opportunities for get-togethers, family gatherings and parties.  If you are looking for the perfect way to add a whole lot of special flair as well as pizzazz to your next warm weather event, why not make it a costume party?  Costumes are definitely not just for Halloween anymore.  Adding costumes to your next event or party is going to add an entirely new level of fun and maybe even a little wackiness.  At Halloween time there is so much emphasis on the scarier, more macabre side of costumes.  A summertime costume party may give you and your guests the chance to dress up in some of the lighter styles of costumes that you may not otherwise get a chance to wear.  Let’s not forget either, what wearing a costume will do for your guests!  Adults tend to let their hair down a lot more when dressed up in costume, making a costume themed party the perfect solution for summertime!

When it comes to costume dress up and kids, that’s simply a no-brainer.  Kids absolutely love dressing as their favorite costume characters, so whatever event you are planning with the younger set, adding costumes will always equate to a whole lot more fun!  Here are some great summer costume party ideas to help get you thinking!

Blast From The Past!  This type of costume party is perfect for any age group.  Simply select a time period from any part of history that you like and on the invitation request that your guests dress the part.  From a 1920’s speakeasy gathering reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, to a 1950’s style social sock hop, your party will be the talk of the town simply by starting out with a really fun time period theme.  Other favorite historical themes include the Wild West, Medieval or the Renaissance, or another classic favorite is the 1960’s hippie era.  Many teenagers have also recently popularized dressing up from their parent’s day and age, recreating the 1980’s for an exciting party theme. Have fun taking a look back while you pay homage to another era with exciting characters and costumes!

Superhero:  Everyone has their favorite superhero or some may even have one in mind that they have made up.  Why not invite your guests to all come dressed up as their best superhero?  You will be surprised and amazed at what your guests show up in when you host an event like this.  We’ve seen some pretty bizarre heroes we’ve never actually heard of (and perhaps wish we’d never had).  Some of the costume ideas that people will come up with are pretty hilarious, not to mention innovative.  Encourage your guests to be as clever and creative as they can be, perhaps even giving away prizes to the most creative or original costumes.

Kids Love To Rock Costumes!  If you are a parent, you already know how much your kids love dressing up in costumes.  A costume party for kids is a knock out idea that is going to make your party an instant hit with the younger set.  Here are some costume party ideas for kids that you may want to consider:

  • Tea Party:  This party is perfect for little girls age 5-10.  Have your guests dress up in hats, boas, dresses and heels for an elegant kid-style tea party.
  • Princess Party:  Invite your guests to come dressed up as their favorite princess.
  • Movie, Cartoon or TV characters:  Boys and girls of all ages will love this theme.  Invite the guests to come dressed as a favorite character from a movie or television show.  It’s easiest if you let your guests pick whatever they like but sometimes it’s fun to stick with one show and have all the guests dress accordingly.  For example, older kids may enjoy dressing up as some of the characters from the Twilight series or Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Dance/Music Theme:  For tweens or teens it’s extra fun to plan a party around a popular music theme and ask the guests to dress up as their favorite musician or pop star idol.

Simply Color:  Sometimes keeping a party dress up theme extra simple will mean you will get more participation.  In this instance, choosing a color as your theme is an easy way to get your guests into the spirit of the event without having to worry about too much complicated costuming.  For example, you could choose a red, white and blue color scheme theme for a Fourth of July party and ask your guests to wear these colors to the event.  Your friends will love getting into their patriotic gear and can participate as well as have fun at whatever level they feel comfortable with.

Summer Vacation/Beach Theme:  Ask your guests to dress in their best Luau, vacation or beachwear.  This is particularly fun because these costumes are seldom worn at Halloween time and they make for fantastic summer dress up.  Hawaiian shirts, swim suits, grass skirts, coconut bras, tourist and beach wear are all great ideas to get you and your guests started as they get into this very fun summertime party theme.

Costume parties are not just for Halloween.  Liven up your best summer events by getting the whole family into character!