Not Just Smoke and Mirrors: Creating Amazing Spooky Special FX

  • July 22, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Special Effects

The room was dark with only the pale glow of a single candle flickering on the mantle piece.  The eerie light threw shadows up onto the wall--elongated ghost-like images that looked like something out of a Salvador Dali painting.  The silence was overwhelming--so quiet that the creaky floorboards echoed through the hallway with each carefully plodded footstep.  There was no doubt, whether this place was actually haunted or not--it sure felt like it! 

When you are trying to create a specific ambience in your decorating, whether for Halloween or any other occasion, never underestimate the power of lighting and sound.  Think about this--how many haunted houses have you been to in full daylight?  (None, right?)  Creating that dark and spooky glow is essential to getting the creepy Halloween vibe just right and scary sounds are absolutely essential.   Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you are decorating your home for Halloween, creating a haunted house or spook alley, or just want to decorate your front yard with scary stuff.  Having great décor to deck out your abode is the first step, but next you will want to work on creating the perfect spooky mood.

Lights…or lack of them:  There are lots of ways to get spooky lighting into your home or yard without blowing the creepy effect you absolutely want for Halloween.  Good lighting is essential for safety reasons, as you don’t want people tripping and falling over things or fumbling around in the dark.  Decorations that have lighting as an inherent built in feature are a cool option.  There are many creepy Halloween decorations that will give you some lighting where you need it but since the lighting comes with a special monstrous friend attached, the scary effect you are seeking is not lost! Black lighting is a cool option that you may also want to consider.  Without getting into too much physics, in addition to a cool purplish glow, black lights emit ultraviolet lighting, which will make anything “light” appear to glow in the dark.  Things like teeth and fingernails contain phosphorus naturally and will really pick up on this effect.  All it takes is a simple black light bulb!  Decorative pathway lighting is a great way to get your yard or home lit safely, while also adding some freaky ghouls to greet your guests as they meander their way up to your door.   Want to light up your house?  Creepy Halloween lights in blacks, oranges or purples will light up your house while still giving it a legitimate Halloween feeling.  And let’s not forget the powerful and mesmerizing effect of a strobe light.  Whether you are using it in a specific room of a haunted house, or even as a really cool party effect, a little strobe lighting packs a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to creating a specific mood.

Sound Effects:  Music and sound effects are like the heart and soul of your Halloween set up.  Once you have your decorations put up along with the appropriate lighting, don’t omit this small but important detail, as the right sound effects will bring your entire display to life.  Many of our decorations conveniently come geared up with lights and sound, which makes your Halloween decorating extremely easy.  Adding a few sound effects of your own to create a spooky atmosphere is very easy.  Imagine how effective just the utter simplicity of a thunder and lightening track could be, or of course you can go all out scary with ghostly moans and other very haunted sounds.  The right sounds and music will make a huge difference!

Other Mood Makers:  Consider a few other items that are sure to take your Halloween decorating to an entirely new level!  Fog, mist or cobweb machines are fantastic choices for creating an amazing “creepy” haunted feeling like nothing else will!  Some of our more innovative decorations come with fog-machines built right into them, which makes getting down to serious scary business, very, very easy.  Another easy as well as hilarious addition to your Halloween home décor is a crazy mirror that morphs reflected images to look like something straight from the funhouse!  This mirror is a Halloween party must-have!

Make the most of your holiday decorating by incorporating the use of light, sound and special effects!  Making these details an integral part of your display will make a huge difference when you are trying to create the uniquely spooky mood that is the perfect choice for Halloween.