Go Back To School Like a Superhero

  • August 12, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Back to School

When it’s time to send the kids back to school, there can be a lot of mixed emotions.  Sometimes kids are actually ready to go back to class. Oftentimes kids are anxious to see their friends and have something new to do, having already run out of things to fill up the long summer days.  Sometimes, however, the thought of going back to school creates some sadness and maybe even a little anxiety for your child.  Sending your child back to school like a superhero will not only make him more excited and help him look forward to the experience, but doing this is likely to make you somewhat of a superhero in his eyes as well!

Clothing:  Getting the superhero vibe is easy when it comes to clothing.  Superhero t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items are readily available with a wide variety of heroic insignias printed on them.  Make sure your child has his/her favorite superhero to wear on the first day back to school to not only empower him but to get him excited about getting ready for school.  Having something new to wear on the first day is always a great motivator!

Gear:  There is a huge variety of superhero gear available for back to school.  One of the most important items you will need to obtain for your child is a backpack.  Backpacks themed with your child’s favorite superhero will be easy to find.  A backpack is the perfect way for your child to tote all his school supplies as well as his lunch to school while staying organized which will make you happy. He will love his new backpack just because it’s superhero cool.

Lunch: Don’t miss out on keeping your superhero theme alive when it comes to packing your child’s lunch.  This goes way beyond having the appropriate superhero themed lunchbox, of course.  There are lots of fun ways to amp up what’s in your kid’s lunch that will make him that much more excited about eating it.  Inexpensive superhero rings or stickers are a great surprise to stash inside a lunchbox.  Buy some temporary tattoos with your child’s favorite superhero on them and apply these onto the outside of a banana peel.  He will be so excited!  Cut your child’s sandwich in the shape of a superman insignia, or using a bat-shaped cookie cutter, cut the sandwich in the shape of a bat, creating a sandwich made especially for Batman.  Add small stickers to the outside of Mini Babybell cheeses.  Be creative and have fun!

Comics:  Who said that comic books didn’t count as reading material?  If you are having difficulty getting your child excited about reading, perhaps a comic book is an easier way to get him feeling a little more motivated.  Find the comic books that are most age-appropriate for your child that are also filled with the heroes he loves the most.  You will be amazed at how suddenly your child is anxious to read!

School Supplies:  The little things can mean a lot and this holds true for school supplies, too.  Most kids will relish the idea of using a pencil with their favorite superhero emblazoned on it rather than an ordinary one.  Look for superhero themed erasers, binders, notebooks, etc. 

Leave a Note:  Writing your child a note and leaving it inside his backpack or in his lunch is a great way to bring a smile to your child’s face while he is away from you during the day.  Stick with the superhero theme by writing something like “You are a school hero!  Have a super day!”  Check your local novelty store for small notepads or sticky notes with a superhero theme; these are the perfect size for leaving notes for your child and he will love them!

Adding some of your child’s favorite superheroes to his back to school experience can make it not only more fun, but will also ease the transition from the lazy days of summer into the more structured routine found during the school year.  Your child is going to love going off to school feeling like a miniature hero, but the truth is, the real superhero at the heart of this scenario is you!