D.I.Y. Costumes: Making It or Breaking It

  • October 06, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

You just can’t help it.  As soon as that first chill of fall hits the air, you are already thinking about Halloween, aren’t you?  Pumpkins, spooky décor and all manner of scary Halloween decorations are showcased in virtually every store.  Up and down the local streets of many towns in America, the eventual transformation from normal suburbia into a miniature Halloween Town has already begun.  There’s one big thing that looms over us every year, however, and it’s definitely time to start thinking about it.   It’s that little matter of your Halloween Costume.

For many of you creative geniuses out there in costume land, wearing a store bought Halloween costume just is never going to fly.  The thought of finding yourself at a Halloween party with someone else dressed in the exact same costume as you are, simply makes you want to cringe! You uber-clever types want something far more expressive of your own unique personality--something that screams out, “I am truly one of a kind!”  “I am a costume genius!”  “There is no one that is as brilliant and inventive as me!”  Having a great costume idea in your mind is one thing. Putting your best costume idea into fruition is quite another.

When it comes to creating the absolutely most amazing, mind-blowing, not to mention, EPIC D.I.Y. costume look, the success (or failure) of your ensemble can come down to the tiniest little details.  Now I have no way of knowing what you are going to come up with when it comes to your D.I.Y. costume game plan, but based on years of experience, here’s a list of potential “details” you may not want to forget!  These little extras can make the difference between a good costume and one that is positively mind blowingly super awesome, not to mention most spectacular! 

Makeup.  Makeup is one of the most essential items that you are likely to need in order to put your costume look together, but it also is one of those things you may forget about until the last minute.  Think about your costume look and decide now how your face is going to become a part of it.  Keep in mind that although masks look amazing, sometimes the long term wearing of them can be uncomfortable and wearing makeup is a lot better way to go.

Accessories. Some things you just can’t make yourself for practical reasons, but they can be a very necessary and integral part of putting your costume look together.  Items such as hosiery, hats, belts, scarves, gloves, eyeglasses and jewelry are just some of the accessories that you might need for your costume in order to complete your look to absolute perfection.

Props.  Depending on your costume character, you may need a prop of some sort to add some serious panache or personality to your get up.  Wings, wands, glow sticks, lanterns, jet packs, canes, bones and chains--it’s all about the details and if you need them, we’ve got them.

Armaments.  Some characters carry a pretend weapon or wield armor and making these items on your own can be somewhat tricky.  Scythes, shields, swords, hammers, guns, pistols and all sorts of accompanying ammo might be just the accoutrements needed to add a little “BANG” to your costume.

Hair.  Hair can be the most defining feature of your costume and it is also one of the easiest to change.  Wigs are an easy way to quickly and easily get into a character look.  Wash out hair color sprays and colored clip in extensions are also an easy and non-committal way to change your hair. The right hair will make sure your costume look is complete from head to toe!

Blood and Guts.  Hey, it is Halloween after all!  If you are creating a D.I.Y. look that requires a little blood and guts, don’t resort at the last minute to using condiments from your refrigerator.  The right fake blood (or flesh, wounds or body parts) is a fantastic detail you will definitely want to get right to complete your creepiest D.I.Y. costume look! 

Creating a very unique, special and very YOU D.I.Y. costume look can be an exciting thing to do for Halloween so have fun and don’t forget the little details.   And by all means, after you do complete your most fantastic D.I.Y. costume look, remember to enter our D.I.Y. Costume Contest!  You could win cash or other fabulous prizes, now what could be better than that?