Top 20 New Years Resolutions

  • December 30, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Top 20 New Years Resolutions2013 will soon be but a memory as it is almost time to welcome in a brand new year.  A New Year can signal a fresh start for many, thus 2014 may also come with the annual ritual of setting a few “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Whether you believe in setting New Year’s goals or have entirely abandoned the idea altogether, we thought you might like to know what the rest of the world sees in their lives that may need a little “tweaking.”  According to a poll taken by LA Fitness, here are the top twenty resolutions that were made last year.  No comments were given on how many of these goals were actually achieved!

20.  Eat Less Chocolate.  Um, this is probably the dumbest resolution I have ever heard of…in fact, I think this year I am going to set a goal to eat more of it…just saying.

19.  Get a Six Pack.  I’m assuming this means toned abs and not a six-pack of Bud Light--but who’s to really say, either is actually a pretty great goal.

18.  Try a New Hairstyle.  I would stay pretty far away from Miley Cyrus’ double topknot buns; but that’s just me.

17. Revamp the Wardrobe.  Around these parts we are true believers in capes, crazy hats and masks; these items would be an absolutely fantastic place to start.

16. Spend Less Time on Facebook.  And more time on Instagram?

15.  Leave Work On Time.  No arguments here-in fact, this one is now on my list, too.

14.  Connect the Computer to the TV.  Whoa…who did they survey, the Geek Squad?  I’m happy if I can turn on my TV…enough said.

13.  Less TV Time.  This may happen naturally if you attempt number 14, at least it would at my house.

12. Buy a Sunday Paper.  Do they still make these?

11.  Spend More Time With the Kids.  Yes, because tomorrow you are going to wake up to a houseful of twenty year olds--trust me on this.

10.  Do something charitable.  Help somebody out and it will make you feel great in the process--everyone wins here.

9.  Organize photos.  Digital photography has changed the way we take pictures--now we just take twenty times more of them.

8.  Buy a Tablet.  How can we survive without them? 

7. Sell unwanted stuff on eBay.  The online garage sale that has changed the world--the trick is to buy less than you sell there and thus attempt to come out ahead.

6.  Go Traveling.  A tropical island sounds really good…

5.  Take better photos.  Let’s start with the basics, like getting people’s heads in the shot and using the flash properly…next, getting rid of those nasty red devil eyes would be a pretty lofty goal.

4.  Redecorate the house.  Taking down the Christmas tree is a great start.

3.  Lose weight.  No New Year’s resolution list is complete without this little gem.  Ever been to your local gym in January? 

2.  Save more money.  Um... skip number eight and number four and focus heavily on number seven.

1. Read more books.  Read some books to your kids, too.  Enjoying any of these on your new tablet is also just fine.

Whether you are setting New Year’s resolutions or not, the gang here at Halloween Express loves you just the way you are. Happy New Year from your friends at Halloween Express!