Congratulations to our 2014 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners! We want to thank everyone for their participation. We had over 5,000 entries in seven different categories. The imagination and ingenuity of some entries was truly amazing – and inspiring! We awarded a First, Second, and two Third place winners in each category – with an exception to the Adult Couples, where there was a tie requiring we add a fifth.The winning contestants within each category can be found below.

Adult Couple Category:
First Place - Angel Eduardo
Second Place - Neill Currin
Third Place - Eileen Mercier
Third Place (a) - Cheri Bednarck
Third Place (b) - Andrew Verrit

Adult Single Category:
First Place - Michael Corrigan
Second Place - Diana Chimenti
Third Place - Marshall Champ
Third Place (a) - Eric Farmer

Baby/Toddler Category:
First Place - Rachael Kaufman
Second Place - Heather Rinard
Third Place - Stephanie Ortiz
Third Place (a) - Kathleen Wright

Child/Tween/Teen Category:
First Place - Afton Tarin
Second Place - Amanda McMillen
Third Place - Jana Nolden
Third Place (a) - Kimberly Alcantara

Group Category:
First Place - Crystal Flinders
Second Place - Kaitlin Robinson
Third Place - Chaz Allen
Third Place (a) - Hope Foley

Pet Category:
First Place - Yolanda Kerns
Second Place - Susan Dunlap
Third Place - Kristin Borders
Third Place (a) - Sabrina Ridlon

Maternity Category:
First Place - Lindsey Newby
Second Place - Jessica Wilhoyt
Third Place - Molly Bodurtha
Third Place (a) - Stephanie Birrittella