Best Costume Characters of 2013

  • January 06, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Popular Costumes of 2013It’s that time of the year again.  2013 is history and we welcome in a new year. It’s now fun to reflect back on the interesting things that have happened in the world of costumes in the past 365 days. 2013 was filled with all sorts of interesting and fun characters; but there were a few that stood heads and shoulders above the rest; truly leaving their mark on 2013 history.  Some of these looks are destined to become legendary--others have burned hot only to rapidly run cold in 2014.  No matter what you may think of them, here is our list of the best costume characters of 2013!

The Zombie:  The zombie of 2013 came in all shapes and sizes (not to mention levels of decay and utter grossness) via popular shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “World War Z”.  Definitely the monster du jour, the zombie shuffled and hissed his way into Halloween infamy in the year 2013 and we’re guessing will remain a popular costume pick for 2014 as well.

Duck Dynasty:  These often outspoken crazy bayou dwellers from A&E’s hit show “Duck Dynasty” have their own take on life that has quickly captured the hearts of America, while giving many the sudden weird desire to try their own hand at an overgrown beard and some camouflage duds.  Probably one of the most recognizable costume looks of 2013, as long as there are ducks, there will also be duck costumes to go with them.

Minions:  The minions of the hit animated movie, “Despicable Me 2,” simply ran amok this Halloween season.  If you were out and about anytime around Halloween, you likely saw big minions, little minions, fat minions, skinny minions, old minions, young minions--well, you get the idea as they were absolutely everywhere! For a time, the world was temporarily taken over by these yellow, goggly-eyed fellas; thankfully it appears that the world is back to normal once again.

Hannah Montana No More:  Miley, Miley, Miley.  This scandalous, barely-dressed diva was probably seen twerking at a Halloween party near you--hardly a semblance of the fresh-faced Disney version of the Hannah Montana that we used to know and love.  The twerkin’ teddy look, however, is now yesterday’s news and hopefully will stay that way for good.

The Great Gatsby:  2013 was the year to reignite the Roarin’ Twenties and the spiffy fashion looks that went with this fabulous decade. If you were into the whole retro costume thing, The Great Gatsby characters of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan were simply the big cheese when it came to getting into 1920’s ultra glam and putting on some serious twenties-style glitz.

Walter White (Breaking Bad):  A simple yellow hazmat suit, rubber gloves and safety goggles became the signature look that paid much due homage to the season finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad and it’s most notorious character, Walter White.

Siyonara, 2013 and a big costume welcome to the year 2014.  We can’t wait to see what crazy things we are going to be dressing up as next year!