Creating a Traditional Mrs. Claus Costume Look

For well over one hundred years, a kind-hearted, white-haired older woman has been holding down the fort at the North Pole. We're talking about, of course, Mrs. Santa Claus! Not only is Mrs. Claus helping Santa prepare for his annual sojourn around the world, but also she is busily keeping the toymaker elves in line as well as baking around the clock! Suffice it to say that Mrs. Claus is one very busy woman. Often spotted right at her husband's side during the holidays, Mrs. Claus has become an iconic figure associated with many different types of Christmas celebrations. Dressing up as Mrs. Claus is easy to do, and if you are a mature woman your necessary makeup preparation will be minimal and it's just about obtaining the right costume look to get the job done. Adding a few years to your everyday look in order to give yourself the "more seasoned" appearance of Mrs. Claus can be simply accomplished with a few makeup products and by following our step by step instructions!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin any makeup application with a clean and dry face. Using a very damp sponge applicator and cake makeup (or any foundation that closely matches your skin tone), apply foundation to the entire face. Our model is wearing cake makeup in Middle Age. (#DA3544)

Step Two:  Apply EYE Cream in Creamy Beige (#DD342) to the eyelids as a base and blend this in well.

Step Three:  Apply Shado Liner in Taupe (#DD139) to the crease of the eyelids and along the outer edge to shadow. Blend this color in well to create a subtle shadow effect.

Step Four:  Next we will be creating shadows and wrinkles in order to give the face a more aged appearance. The very easiest way to do this is to use a color that is darker than the foundation that you used and draw lines in the natural wrinkles that occur when you scrunch up your face in various areas. We have used the Old Age Stack (#CSCC013) as it contains four colors that are very useful in creating both shadows and lines that will look like wrinkles on the face. Areas that you will want to focus on when creating wrinkles are the forehead, the laugh lines, the nose, the eyes (crow's feet) and the neck. Using the same darker shade, contour the sides of the nose and subtly shade in some "bags" underneath the eyes.

Step Five:  It's important to highlight any wrinkles that you have created by painting on the darker lines. Highlighting the wrinkles will help them to stand out and make them appear more prominent and natural. When applying the light color next to the wrinkle, keep the line sharp next to the dark line and blend it out a little bit on the other side. Repeat this process until all the wrinkles are appropriately highlighted.

Step Six:  Using the pink shade in the Old Age stack, add any appropriate redness to the skin that you may desire. Since our character is Mrs. Claus, we have appropriately used the pink shade to give her cheeks a bit of a rosy glow.

Step Seven:  Very sparingly (if desired) use the darkest shade in the Old Age Stack to deepen the very center parts of the some of the more prominent and important wrinkles that are in your look. Consider deepening the forehead wrinkles, the laugh lines, and the crow's feet around the eyes.

Step Eight:  Using a white face paint, (#DD505), paint the eyebrows white with a small brush.

Step Nine:  Powder down the entire face to set the makeup using setting powder. We have used Colorset Powder (#DD321) and a fluffy brush.

Step Ten:  Using LIP Cream in Cotton Candy (#DD103) brush color onto the lips. Apply clear lip gloss in Natural (#DD366) to give the lips a little bit of extra shimmer and shine if desired.

Your Mrs. Claus makeup look is now complete, and you are now ready to get dressed up in your favorite Mrs. Claus costume! There are several Mrs. Claus costume styles to choose from when it comes to getting into a truly festive look that reflects Mrs. Claus' Christmas-ready image. We have dressed our model in the traditional Mrs. Claus costume. (#AE13) In order to make sure our Mrs. Claus is perfectly coifed in the style most preferred by her beloved, Mr. Santa Claus, we have used the Mrs. Claus wig. (#CA42) Our Mrs. Claus look is then finished off with traditional square rimmed glasses (#DP120) and of course, a great big holiday smile! Now you look like you are one of the premier residents of the North Pole! Happy Holidays!