Creating a Jon Snow Costume Look

HBO's epic fantasy drama, "Game of Thrones," has taken the world by storm. It's crystal clear--the characters of Game of Thrones have completely captured the masses--it's LOVE! When it comes to dressing up as a truly exciting character, you can bet that "Game of Thrones" will always be a popular source of inspiration. At Halloween Express, we are so excited about these rich and unique characters that we've put together some fun and exciting "Game of Thrones" inspired costume looks just for you. One of our favorite "Game of Thrones" characters is Jon Snow. If you need a little help in putting together an authentic looking Jon Snow makeup/costume, look no further. We've done all the work for you and by following a few very simple, step-by-step instructions, you will soon be well on your way to creating an authentic looking Jon Snow style of your very own!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. The first step is going to entail creating a Jon Snow inspired scruffy beard. In order to accomplish this, you will need to use a combination of two items, spirit gum (#DD17) and crepe hair in Dark Brown. (#CB12) First you will need to take a straight strand of the crepe hair and cut off some very tiny pieces, collecting these into a small bowl. These pieces of crepe hair will ultimately be glued onto the face with the spirit gum and will form the appearance of beard growth. If you want your beard (as shown in our video) to appear short, you will need to cut very short pieces of crepe hair. If you cut longer pieces of crepe hair, your beard will ultimately appear fuller and longer. For our Jon Snow beard, we have chosen to keep the beard very short and scruffy looking, thus we have cut the crepe fibers as short as possible, keeping them almost dust-like. Cut enough of the fibers in advance so you will have enough to create the beard you desire.

Step Two:  Apply spirit gum to a small area of the face where you will be attaching the tiny crepe hair fibers. It's usually best to begin under the jaw line and work upward. After the spirit gum is applied to a small segment of the face, dab the spirit gum gently with your finger until it feels very tacky and sticky. Take some of the cut crepe hair fibers and press them gently into the sticky spirit gum. Repeat this process, moving up the jaw line, chin and eventually up toward the sideburn areas of the face. Do the upper lip (moustache area) last. It's best to work in smaller segments of the face at one time. If necessary, you can always apply more spirit gum as needed, dab it with your finger to make it sticky and continue applying crepe fibers until your beard is as full as you desire. If you need to remove some crepe hair, a clean, disposable mascara wand or an eyebrow brush will help you to groom your beard a bit. In a pinch, an old toothbrush will also work just fine.

Step Three:  Next, it's important to shade and contour the face with a little bit of a darker color of makeup. We have used Celebre foundation in Dark Egyptian (#DD402) to accomplish this. With a damp sponge applicator, apply the contour color around the hairline, around the edges of the beard and other facial hair and along the sides of the nose.

Step Four:  Using Chestnut Brown E.Y.E. Cream (#DD343), blend a little of this color onto the eyelids to create a deep, sunken in appearance around the eyes. Blend this in very well with an eye shadow brush for a natural, not made up appearance.

Step Five:  Lining the eyes with a dark brown eyeliner (#DE01) will help them to stand out and will also give them definition without making them look overly made up. Jon Snow is a sword fighter, thus adding a few scars with the same dark brown liner pencil will give the look of a few healing mishaps.

Step Six:  Using a fluffy brush, set the make up by dusting the entire face lightly with setting powder. (#DD321)

Step Seven:  Put on a wig cap (#FW92045) to keep your natural hair out of the way and get yourself ready to put on a wig. We have actually used a wavy, chin length woman's wig in order to best capture the essence of Lord Snow. For our look we have used the Flapper Wig. (#MR177342)

Step Eight:  Now it's time to get into your costume look! To create our Jon Snow ensemble, we have assembled quite an eclectic group of costume pieces together. You can use as many or as few of these costume implements as you like or even come up with a few ideas of your own--it all depends on how far you want to go with your own sense of Jon Snow style! In order to create the costume look you see in the video, we have used the following costume/accessories, but feel free to get creative in order to put your own unique stamp on this exciting look!

Jon Snow. He's a bit of a loner, but he's clearly proven himself to be not only a brave and skilled sword fighter, but also a true hero. Have fun playing Game of Thrones by recreating one of televisions most exciting and dynamic characters!