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How To Create A Mario Brothers Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Mario Brothers Costume Look

Nintendo first introduced the Mario Brothers in the mid-eighties. Some of the most recognizable and longstanding video game characters on record, the Mario Brother's popularity has spanned a couple of generations. Mario and Luigi are Italian American plumbers. They are wide-eyed, short and have noticeable potbellies. The Mario Brothers live in Mushroom Land and although they are plumbers by trade, historically much of their time has been spent rescuing the proverbial damsel in distress, Princess Peach.

The Mario Brothers continue to be one of the most popular video game characters to dress up as for Halloween. Creating an authentic-looking classic Mario Brothers look is easy with the creative use of just a few clever costume accessories. Follow our easy, step-by-step instructions and soon you will transform yourself into one of Nintendo's most legendary characters!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Mario's distinctive look requires the addition of a little facial hair and hair. We began the creation of our Mario Brothers look with the addition of a pair of self-sticking eyebrows. (#CB21) We have rounded the outside edges of the brows by trimming them a bit with scissors and then just pressed them into place. Be very careful when applying the brows to make them even with each other!

Step Two:  Next we have given Mario some long, full sideburns. Once again, we have chosen very easy to apply, self-stick sideburns in dark brown. (#CB30) Prior to adhering the sideburns to the face, we have trimmed them a bit, so they are the perfect Mario-size. Trim the sideburns a little bit at a time so they don't become too short! The sideburns do have self-adhesive on the back, but we found that they needed a little extra sticking power, so we used a little bit of spirit gum to help them adhere to the face firmly. (#DD17) If using spirit gum, brush this product on the face where you want to place the sideburns. Tap the spirit gum with your finger until it becomes very tacky. Press the sideburn firmly into place. Apply more spirit gum as needed.

Step Three:  The Mario costume (#DG68083) we used for our featured look came complete with a Mario Brothers signature self-sticking mustache. If you are creating your own Mario look, try using the Super Schnauzer mustache. (#CB17) To attach the mustache securely, simply peel off the paper backing and press the mustache into place. For subsequent uses, try reinforcing the adhesive with a little bit of spirit gum.

Step Four:  The crowning glory of our Mario Brothers look is the addition of a black, curly wig, giving Mario his signature hairstyle. To create our Mario's hair look, we have first put a wig cap (#FW92045) on our model to keep his natural hair out of the way. Next we have used the Traveler Wig (#FW8199) to give our Mario his trademark dark, curly locks.

Step Five:  Our Mario costume (#DG68083) came complete with an inflatable belly so that giving Mario a pudgy look is very simple. Simply blow up the belly to the desired level of chubbiness and then put the belly over your shoulders, attaching it securely using the Velcro straps.

Now it's time to get dressed in your favorite Mario Brother's costume. The above instructions work easily as well for a Luigi look if that is your preference. (#DG68085)

What would Mario and Luigi do if they didn't have Princess Peach to rescue? We have created an amazing and beautiful Princess Peach look by using a Sleeping Beauty costume. (#DG5959) Next, we have accessorized this lovely princess gown with the Princess Peach Costume Kit. (#DG73796) The Princess Peach Costume kit comes complete with a crown with an attached headband, long white gloves, and a stick-on amulet. You'll have to admit, it's very obvious why Mario and Luigi are completely smitten with this lovely Princess.

Mama Mia! It's a-me. Mario! Have fun creating some of Nintendo's most legendary characters! It's Mario Time!