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How To Create A Medusa Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Medusa Costume Look

If you know your Greek mythology, you probably remember that cursed ugly woman with snakes instead of hair that was named Medusa. Legends say that anyone who looked Medusa in the eye would turn into stone! What you may not know is that before Medusa was cursed with all that ugliness, she was one of the loveliest women in all of Greece. A handmaiden of the goddess Athena, Medusa had taken a vow of chastity. When Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, decided that he had to have Medusa for his very own it made Athena very upset that her lovely and innocent handmaiden was no longer chaste and virtuous. In her fury, Athena then cast an evil curse on Medusa. The curse made Medusa not only hideously ugly with snakes upon her head instead of hair, but the also made it so that the simple act of gazing at Medusa would turn the viewer immediately into stone.

If you are interested in recreating a Medusa look for Halloween, we have put together a makeup/costume look that has been inspired by the mythological Medusa. Our version of Medusa is anything but hideous or ugly, however, and simply put, our lovely Greek maiden is not only scintillating but also very sexy.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Blend in a concealer (#DD174) with a damp sponge in order to cover up any darkness underneath the eyes or any other skin imperfections.

Step Two:  Using a foundation color that very closely matches your natural skin tone, blend the foundation into your skin with a damp sponge. We have used Celebre Foundation in Light Beige. (#DD411)

Step Three:  To create an enchanting, as well as exotic eye makeup look, begin with Mehron EYE Cream in Creamy Beige. (#DD342) Blend this color onto the eyelids with an eyeshadow brush.

Step Four:  Next apply EYE Cream in Chestnut Brown (# DD343) to the outer corners and crease area of the eyelid and blend this in very well.

Step Five:  Using Mehron EYE Cream in Green (#DD107), apply this color just above where the Chestnut Brown ends in a thick line. Extend the green color outward toward the corner of the eye. Carefully line underneath the eyes with this same green color.

Step Six:  Using the Jumbo Liner Pencil in Black, (#DD280) line along the upper lash line and underneath the lower eyelashes.

Step Seven:  Using Detailz Liner Pen in Gold, (#DD514) line along the lash line. This glittery color will add shimmer and sparkle as well as drama to your eye look!

Step Eight:  Apply false eyelashes (#EA81) with eyelash glue along the upper lash line.

Step Nine:  Using a dark brown eye pencil, (#DE02) fill in and shape the eyebrows, using a light touch and feathery strokes.

Step Ten:  Using a damp sponge, gently blend a small amount of Cheek Cream in Pink Coral (#DD146) onto the apples of the cheeks.

Step Eleven:  Using a lip brush and LIP Cream in Sunburst (#DD103) apply the lip color to the lips. Blot the color gently with a tissue to help prevent smudging.

Now it's time to get into your favorite Medusa Costume! (By the way, this makeup look will also work equally well for many of our other Greek or Roman Goddess looks.) We have dressed our model in the Medusa Costume (#RL9442) with shiny golden sandals. (#HA126) Her hair has been conveniently coifed courtesy of the Blonde Seduction wig. (#CC70426) Other accessories we have added to complete this look include the Spartan Queen Cuff (#RU8142) and lovely Coin Earrings. (#RU8144)

Medusa. She's compelling and mysterious with a truly tragic and horrific story. Now she can be at your next Halloween party!