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How To Create A Military Style Camo Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Military Camouflage Costume Look

Who doesn't remember playing army as a kid? These days military costume looks are as popular as ever both for costume dress up and for play. Kids of all ages love the look of camouflage for playing army, paintballing, and hunting and of course, camouflage makeup is a fun look to create for Halloween! The application of camouflage makeup and materials has been used since about the 18th century in order to create a form of visual deception that hides military personnel and equipment from any observation by enemy forces. Camouflage makeup application specifically will help to hide the features of the human face so that a person will be able to blend his surroundings virtually undetected.

Camouflage style makeup is the perfect accompaniment to many of our military costumes. Although camouflage makeup looks cool and somewhat complicated, getting a perfect camouflage look with makeup is actually surprisingly easy. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions with a few items found at Halloween Express and you will be well on your way to hiding out in true camo style!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Start with a clean and dry face. Using the EZ-Makeup Camouflage makeup kit (Product # CSEZMU005) found at Halloween Express, slightly dampen one of the sponges included in the kit. Squeeze out all excess water and load the sponge with some of the brown color makeup. Apply this brown makeup thinly and evenly over the entire face as a base coat. Make sure and apply the makeup to the eyelids, ears and neck as well if they will show once your costume or gear is on.

Step Two:  Using a slightly damp brush or a clean sponge applicator, apply the green color to the face next. When creating a true camouflage look, it's important to remember that you are trying to de-emphasize and break up the look of all recognizable facial features, not to emphasize them. The best technique to use is to apply diagonal lines that dissect the features of the face in order to best conceal them. Do not draw circles around the eyes or straight lines down the nose, etc. If you think in terms of diagonal lines and random shapes, the end result of your camouflage will be the most effective. Apply the green in irregular diagonal shapes over the face and neck.

Step Three:  Once you've applied the green color, stand back and take a look at the face and see if there are any spots that you want to add more color to. Once you are satisfied with your green application, it's time to apply more of the brown color that you used as a base coat, but this time apply it more heavily. Apply the brown in all spots that you don't have the green painted on. The color doesn't have to be applied neatly or carefully, in fact, you can blotch it on with the brush or sponge and it will look simply amazing. Check to make sure the entire face is covered with green and brown and that no natural skin is showing through. Touch up the face as necessary.

Step Four:  Using the slender brush found in the makeup kit and the black face paint color, apply thin black lines to the camouflage in random, diagonal patterns. This step will really add dramatic emphasis to your camo look!

Step Five:  Once you are satisfied with how your camouflage makeup looks, using the small container of powder in the makeup kit and a puffy brush or puff, gently apply powder to the entire made up are of the face and neck. This powder will set the makeup in order to prevent any smudging or smearing.

Now it's time to get into your costume! Our model is wearing the Army Ranger Costume, (Product #UR29395) but we have many military style costume looks you will love to put with this camouflage style makeup! Our Sexy Paratrooper has joined our forces, adding a little feminine fun and flair to these amazing combat looks. Whether you are dressing up, paintballing or even hunting-have fun getting into one of these amazing military-style camouflage looks!