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How To Create A Minnie Mouse Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

How To Create a Minnie Mouse Costume Look

Who doesn't love Mickey and Minnie Mouse? For over eighty-seven years, this charming duo has not only been the beating heart of Disney, but is also beloved by children big and small the world over. Considered one of the most popular classic costume looks, come Halloween, Mickey or Minnie Mouse is likely going to be coming to a Halloween party near you! Creating a traditional--and oh, so cute--Minnie Mouse makeup look is so simple. Follow our step-by-step instructions for an easy Minnie Mouse look that is sure to get you lots of attention!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Begin the Minnie Mouse makeup with a clean and dry face. The first step is to apply a cream foundation to your face. Choose a color that closely matches your natural skin tone. Using a damp sponge, apply the cream foundation to your face and blend well. For our featured look, we have used Cream Foundation in Light Beige. (#DD411)

Step Two: To create the look of enormous "Minnie Mouse" eyes, begin with a white Shadoliner by Celebre. (#DD130) Using a small brush apply the white color to the entire eyelid up to just underneath the eyebrow. Blend well. Using a thin brush, apply the white eye color in a line underneath the lower eyelashes.

Step Three: To add some contour and dimension to the eyes, blend Gold Shadoliner (#DD133) into the crease area just above the eyelid. Blend in well.

Step Four: The next step is to line the eyes with a Jumbo Pro Pencil in black. (#DD280) The line along the upper lash line should be a little thicker than the line along the lower lashes. Keep the lower lash liner inside of the white eyeshadow line you have already applied.

Step Five: Glue false eyelashes along the upper lash line. (#EA83) TIP: After you apply lash glue along the edge of the lash, allow the glue to set up for a few seconds, helping the lash to adhere better.

Step Six: To give your face some blushing color, apply Cheek Color in Wineberry (#DD429) with a fluffy brush along the apples of your cheeks.

Step Seven: Using the Pro Pencil in Black (#DD280) draw an oval shape on the tip of your nose to create a "mouse" nose. If desired, you can add a small white highlight on the curve of the nose by painting on a small, comma shape on the nose with white EYE cream.

Step Eight: Using a setting powder, (#DD321) lightly dust the entire makeup look, taking extreme care when powdering the nose so that you don't cause any smudging.

Step Nine: Using L.I.P. Cream in Valentine (#DD103) and a lip brush, shape the lips into a bit of a heart shape. You can accomplish this by slightly exaggerating the cupids bow curve of the upper lip and then extending the line out from this point. Follow this step by filling in the lower lip with the red color. Once you have finished shaping and applying the lip color, dab some red glitter onto the lips if desired. The red glitter will give the lips dramatic shimmer that is especially fun for a flirty Minnie Mouse look.

Now it's time to get into your favorite Minnie Mouse costume. The beauty of dressing up as Minnie Mouse is that you can wear a wide variety of costumes, and they all work very well. From a simple t-shirt and a pair of mouse ears to a fully-fashioned Minnie Mouse costume, take your pick and make your costume look your own! We have dressed our adorable Minnie Mouse in the Women's Minnie Mouse costume. (#DG5094) Her look has been accessorized with a pair of black seamless tights (#UA02) and White Anklet Socks. (#UA3013) We have finished off Minnie's fabulous ensemble with a pair of glittery red shoes that have been adorned with a feminine bow. (#HA105) Our Minnie Mouse has captured the heart of Mickey Mouse--who we have dressed in a classic Mickey Mouse costume. (#DG31692)

For a classically sweet and thoroughly cute costume look, this Minnie Mouse style may be exactly the costume choice you are looking for. For the better part of a century, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been bringing smiles to the masses. Let this adorable costume look do the same for you!