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How To Create A My Little Pony Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a My Little Pony Costume Look

When it comes to recreating a great costume look, there is no greater resource than Saturday morning cartoons. Little kids are not the only ones who will find an entire colorful menagerie of exciting and adventuresome characters found in their favorite Saturday morning television shows. Even us grownups likely still can recall our own favorite animated characters from the past. Who knows--perhaps our inner child is still alive and well enough to want to dress up as some of these old and cherished friends.

The My Little Pony franchise began as a popular toy created in the eighties for little girls. The toy was so popular that it was a natural evolution for the equestrian characters to eventually star in a cartoon series. My Little Pony has been reinvented several times the latest batch of pony adventures has evidently struck a chord with a new generation of boys and girls--and likely their parents, too. If you are looking to create a costume look that has charisma, excitement and nostalgic appeal, look no further. My Little Pony can prance straight out of your Saturday morning and into your next Halloween party.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin any makeup application with a clean and dry face. Apply a makeup foundation that closely matches your skin tone. Our model is wearing Celebre Light Beige. (#DD411)

Step Two:  In order to create a "rainbow" eye shadow look, we used Paradise makeup paint. These water-soluble face paints have vibrant color and are easy to apply/brush on once mixed with a little bit of water. Begin with the Light Blue Paradise paint. (#DD521) Using a small brush, add a little water to the paint and load the brush with the mixture. Apply this light blue color to the eyelid area and using a skinny brush, line below the lower lash line with this color as well.

Step Three:  The next step is to begin to create a "rainbow" effect with a series of Paradise paints. Make sure you add a little water to the paints before you attempt to brush them on the face. Apply the Dark Blue Paradise Paint (#DD516) with a narrow brush along the crease of the eyelid. This line will be used as your guide for all subsequent lines that will be part of your eye "rainbow."

Step Four:  Create your eye rainbow with as many or as few of the following colors as you like. After the Dark Blue, we have used yellow (#DD532), Orange (#DD525) and finished up the rainbow with red. (#DD527)

Step Five:  The next step is to line the eyes with the Paradise paint in black. (#DD515) Use a steady hand and a fairly narrow brush for best results.

Step Six:  Apply a very pink blush to the apples of the cheeks. We have used Wineberry Powder Blush. (#DD429)

Step Seven:  Apply a Pink color of lip color to the lips. We have used Bubble Gum LIP Cream. (#DD103)

Step Eight:  What would any colorful Pony be without a little extra sparkle? Apply glittery pixie dust (#FW9476) to the cheeks or anywhere else you want a little bit of shimmer.

Now it's time to pony up!! (In this case, that means to get into your My Little Pony costume!) Our model is wearing the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume. (#UAMP85258) This amazing and colorful costume look comes complete with a beautifully appliqued dress, a rainbow wig, pony wings, a rainbow tail, a headband with latex pony ears and matching leg warmers. These ponies are cute but don't let that adorableness fool you because these little ponies are unafraid to take on goblins, trolls and all manner of beasty beings. May all your Ponyland adventures be filled with fun and plenty of magical rainbows!!