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How To Create A Princess Zelda Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Princess Zelda Costume Look

One of the most popular female Nintendo characters of all time has to be Princess Zelda. This year in 2017, the latest Zelda release “Breath of the Wild” continues the epic video game adventure. For gamers and costume lovers alike, Princess Zelda has a unique look that is very popular for Halloween and other dress up events. We’ve put together a fantastic Zelda look that’s easy to do with a few makeup essentials. Follow our step-by-step instructions, and you will soon be on your way to creating a Princess Zelda look of your very own.

Follow These Steps

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. The first step is to apply a pair of ear tips to the ears to give the ears Princess Zelda’s pointy ear look. Using Small Space Ear Tips (#CSEZ065), apply spirit gum (#DD237) to the top part of the ears and tap the ears until the spirit gum feels extra sticky. Apply a little spirit gum to the ear tips and then press the ears into place until they fully adhere. 

Step Two:  Using a damp sponge and a foundation that closely matches your natural skin tone, cover the face and ears with the makeup color. For our Zelda look, we have used a light beige foundation. (#DD406) 

Step Three:  After the face and ears are covered with the foundation, brush the entire face with a setting powder (#DD320) to set the makeup. 

Step Four:  With EYE Cream in Creamy Beige (#DD342) and a sponge tip applicator, apply the eye color the entire eye area. Next, using a Purple EYE Cream (#DD107), apply this color to the outer edges of the upper eyelid and blend inward. Apply this color to the crease of the eyelid as well. To deepen the crease area, apply a black EYE cream (#DD107) and blend in well. 

Step Five:  Mix a little metallic powder in Gold (#DD129) with the mixing liquid. (#DD03) Using a brush, apply this color to the inner corner of the upper lid and blend it outwards toward the middle of the eyelid. This highly pigmented color will add a lot of shimmer to the eyes. Blend well. Next, using a skinny brush, line underneath the lower lashes with the same metallic gold color. 

Step Six:  Line the eyes along the upper lash line with Detailz liner pen in black. (#DD509) Draw a line underneath the lower lashes with a black eye pencil. (#DE01)

Step Seven:  Using a brown liner pencil (#DE01) pencil in the eyebrows to give them drama and shape. Brush with a brow brush to blend.

Step Eight:  Using a White Eye pencil (#DE01) line along the waterline of the eye. This white pencil will emphasize the eyes and give them a more wide-eyed look.

Step Nine:  Glue on the Star Eyelashes (#DG13939) onto the upper lash line using eyelash glue.

Step Ten:  Using Cheek Cream (#DD147) in Berry and a damp sponge blend in a small amount of the cheek color onto the apples of the cheeks.

Step Eleven:  Once again, brush the entire look with a little setting powder to set the makeup and reduce shine. (#DD320)

Step Twelve:  Apply LIP Cream in Bubble Gum (#DD103) to the lips with a small brush.

Now it’s time to get into your favorite Zelda costume! Our Princess Zelda is wearing her traditional Princess-style gown, the Princess Zelda Costume (#DG98796), accessorized with a handy sword (#DG14132) and a sexy pair of long white gloves. (#UA16) 

What would Zelda do without her handy friend, Link? Our Link has joined Zelda, wearing his traditional bright green tunic costume. (#DG90529) Link’s look has been accessorized with a Shaggy wig (#LW54) and a pair of nifty Caribbean Boots. (#HA160)

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular video game franchises in Nintendo history. Zelda is beautiful, kind, strong and capable--and yet, she still manages to find herself in one predicament after another. It certainly is a good thing she has a guy like Link in her life! Now, by following a few simple makeup techniques, you can create a fantastic Zelda costume look of your very own, making it possible for Princess Zelda to be the next honored guest at your Halloween party.