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How To Create A Santa Baby Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Sexy Santa Baby Costume Look

Naughty or nice? Which of Santa's famous lists are you on? Well, no matter where you stand with Santa Claus, dressing up in appropriate Christmas attire can only help the situation! After all, a girl's got to look her best over the holidays--even if she is just waiting under the mistletoe for that special holiday kiss. At Halloween Express, we take dressing up for holiday occasions very seriously. We have many holiday costume looks that are not only festive and beautiful, but also are quite captivating. If you are looking for some simple makeup techniques to accentuate your best holiday ensembles, this Santa Baby look might be just what you need to add some very festive flair to your holiday attire.

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin any makeup application with a clean and dry face. Apply a foundation to the skin with a damp sponge applicator, blending in well. You will want to choose a color that closely matches your natural skin tone to achieve the best results. We have used Mehron Creamblend Stick makeup in Soft Beige (#DD91). This easy blending foundation gives supreme coverage as well as long wear.

Step Two:  Most of our Santa Baby makeup look has been accomplished using the Golden Glam makeup kit. (#PM410074) This fabulous makeup kit contains a coordinated eye shadow duo, gold-glittery false eyelashes, a gold lipstick as well as a sparkly gold nail polish. Begin with the lighter shade of gold eye shadow. Using the sponge tip applicator that comes in the kit, blend this shade onto the eyelids, stopping at the crease of the eyelid. Next, using the deeper bronze color, blend this color into the crease of the eyelid in order to add shadow and contour to the eye. You can also apply this color in a sideways "V" shape at the outer corner of the eye. Feel free to experiment with the colors and get creative with your look.

Step Three:  Once you have applied the eye shadows and have achieved the look you desire, line the eyes with a sharpened black eyeliner pencil. (#DE02) Line across both the upper and lower lash lines with greater emphasis being placed on the upper line.

Step Four:  Next using some eyelash glue, you are going to want to apply the lashes that come in the Golden Glam makeup kit. Not only will these lashes make your eyes look very dramatic and large, but the glitter strip at the top of the lashes will add some very festive Christmas flair. Carefully apply a thin stream along the edge of the lash. Then using tweezers or your fingers, press the lash carefully along the upper lash line and hold the lash in place until it feels set. Let the glue dry.

Step Five:  Using a sponge applicator, apply Cheek color in Bold Cherry (#DD202) to the apples of the cheeks. This color is very vibrant so remember that a little goes a long way.

Step Six:  Set the makeup by dusting the face with a setting powder. We have used Colorset Powder (#DD321) to accomplish this.

Step Seven:  Next, apply LIP Cream in Apple Red (#DD103) to the lips. To create an amazing holiday effect, while the lip cream is still moist, press Paradise Glitter (#DD827) in Dynamite Red onto the lips. The glitter will create an amazing sparkle on the lips-- perfect for a Christmas look!

Step Eight:  Lightly dust the cheeks, nose and decolletage with Pixie Dust. (#FW9476) Your makeup look is now complete, and it's time to get dressed in your holiday costume.

For our completely bombshell Santa Baby look, we have dressed our model in costume #RL8870. This costume comes complete with strappy fur-lined dress, a shrug, jingle bell bows (perfect for attaching to hosiery, not included) and an appropriate Santa styled hat! We have added thigh high stockings (#UA6672) and a pair of amazing, glittery shoes (#HA122) in order to complete the look.

No matter what your plans are for the holidays, a beautiful costume look like this is certain to get you noticed! Not only that, but can also bet that wherever Santa Claus is, he will be coming down the chimney in a hurry! Happy holidays from your friends at Halloween Express!