How To Create a Women's Steampunk Costume Look

Perhaps you have heard the term “Steampunk” and wondered what in the world it meant. Steampunk is considered a bit of a juxtaposition of science fiction, steam technology, and Victorian era fashion. If you were to re-imagine modern technology through the eyes of a person who lived during the Victorian age or even the Wild West, you'd begin to capture the feeling of what the Steampunk trend is all about. Steampunk is a super cool, retro-futuristic style genre that has become extremely popular for all sorts of events including cosplay, costume parties and especially for Halloween! 

Do you want to know how to capture the heart and soul of a female Steampunk look? The secret is in the details! With the use of a few spectacular costume pieces, retro accessories, and some very simple makeup techniques, we’ve put together a rather stunning female Steampunk look that is certain to get your gears spinning!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Apply a foundation to the face using a damp sponge. Choose a color that is a shade lighter than your normal skin tone to help emulate the pale pallor popularized during the Victorian era. For our Steampunk look, we have used Light Beige cream foundation by Mehron. (#DD411)

Step Two: Using gold Shadoliner (#DD133) smooth the color onto the eyelids with a small brush or sponge tip applicator.

Step Three: Using Slate Grey Shadoliner (#DD125) and a small brush, apply the eye color in a sideways v-shape along the outer corner of the eye. Blend the colors well with a brush.

Step Four: Line the upper and lower eyelids using a black eye liner pencil. (#DE01) Pencil in the eyebrows with a dark brown eye pencil. (#DA01) Draw a thin line along the lower lash line (below the black liner) with Detailz liner pencil in shimmering Gold. (#DD514)

Step Five: Glue false eyelashes (#EA89) along the upper lash line.

Step Six: Using a blush brush and the Mehron Cheek powder (#DD145) apply the color just underneath the cheekbones and blend in well.

Step Seven: Dust the entire face with a setting powder to set the makeup. To accomplish this, we have used Colorset Powder. (#DD321)

Step Eight: Next, using a lip brush apply LIP Cream in Cherrywood to the mouth. (#DD103) Add a little clear gloss (#DD366) for shine in the pout of the lips.

Step Nine: For a fun Steampunk twist, add a little shimmering gold glitter gel to the cheeks and up the side of the face on the temple area. We have used Glittermark Glitter gel in gold. (#DD227)

When it comes to creating amazing Steampunk style, the little details can make all the difference. We have started our female Steampunk look with a simple black dress (Totally Wicked Costume #UR29045) topped off with a very sexy leather look corset. (#UA2622) Our model is also wearing fishnet tights (#UA01) and a very Victorian mini top hat. (#UA2135)

To further accessorize our female Steampunk look, we have used some exclusive Steampunk accessories. Our model is adorned with Steampunk Earrings (#FM66454) as well as a very cool Steampunk Gear Necklace. (#FM69353) Our model is dressed fabulously in retro chic Steampunk style from head-to-toe. Thus, we have finished her fabulous look with a pair of appropriate Victorian-style Boots. (#HA130)

Steampunk style brings looks from the past into the future in the most epic possible way. By using a few of our simple to follow tips as inspiration, you will easily be able to recreate one of these unusual and evocative Steampunk looks!