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How To Create An Easter Bunny Makeup Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating an Easter Bunny Costume Look

You may actually be wondering what bunnies have to do with Easter and where the tradition of the Easter Bunny actually came from. About the time of the 15th century before Christianity came to Europe, people of pagan Germany worshipped many gods and goddesses. One of the popular goddesses revered at this time was known as Eostra, who was considered to be the goddess of fertility and rebirth. During this time period in history, in the springtime it was common to have a great feast and time of celebration in order to honor Eostra. During this celebration eggs and springtime symbolized new life and rebirth. When Christianity was taught throughout Europe, many of the old pagan rituals were then incorporated into new Christian traditions. Easter Eggs then came to be a symbol of Jesus' resurrection.

The first documented reference to the Easter Bunny actually occurred in the 1500's. By 1680, the first story about an egg-laying bunny that hides eggs for children to find had been published. When German immigrants came to America and settled into Pennsylvania, they brought with them many of the traditions and folklore that had been passed along to them for many generations, the Easter Bunny legend being one of these.

If you are looking to create an Easter Bunny makeup look for your Easter celebration, you've come to the right place. With a few simple makeup techniques and that perfect bunny costume, you can transform yourself into an adorable bunny in just minutes. This bunny look is perfect for Easter of course, but also works equally as well for a "White Rabbit" look or many other popular bunny characters. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and get hopping!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  We have applied a basic foundation to our model's face in order to create a smooth and even complexion to begin our bunny look. You can use a foundation of your own choosing, or you can try our wonderful Celebre foundation, which comes in many shades so you can perfectly match your natural skin tone. Our model is wearing Celebre Foundation in Light Beige, Product # DD411.

Step Two:  For the next step, we have used Mehron's INtense Pro Powder Makeup in Pure Lightning. (#DD160) These highly pigmented colors are easy to use by just adding a little bit of water and applying it with a sponge tip applicator or a brush. You can easily control the color intensity by how much water you add to the makeup. Apply the Pure Lightening (white) to the eyelids and blend well. Using a narrow brush, line underneath the eyes with this white color as well. Apply this same color to the nose, blending out at the edges and to the upper lip area, once again blending out near the edges. Less water in the makeup will create a deeper color and more dramatic effect.

Step Three:  Using Mehron's Paradise makeup in Light Pink (#DD498), apply this color over the white color onto the lower part of the eyelids up to the crease and blend well. Apply this color in an upside-down triangle shape on the tip of the nose, creating a pink bunny nose. Using a lip brush, apply this same pink color to the lips.

Step Four:  Using Mehron's Detailz Liner Pen, (Black-#DD509) line the upper eyelids along the lashline and very carefully underneath the lower lashline as well. For a more "cartoon-y" look, draw on several eyelashes at the corners of the eyes with the liner pen.

Step Five:  Apply false eyelashes as follows. (#EA84) Spread a very thin line of eyelash glue along the edge of the false lash. Using tweezers or your fingers, carefully press the glued edge of the lash along the natural lash line. It helps to let the glue begin to set up for several seconds before attempting the lash application.

Step Six:  Using Mehron's Cheek Cream in Geranium (#DD141), dab the pink cheek color onto the apples of the cheeks with a damp sponge; blend well.

Step Seven:  Apply Mehron's Glosstone lip gloss in Natural (#DD366) to the lips to add luster and shine.

Step Eight:  Apply Paradise Glitter (#DD827) to the cheeks liberally for added sparkle and shimmer.

For our Easter Bunny look, we have used the simple Easter Bunny Costume Kit (#ELH2251) perfectly accessorized with these adorable whiskers (#EA25) and a realistic looking carrot (#FM25214). For extra Easter Bunny pizzazz, try adding our hilarious set of Bunny teeth (#EA16). You will find this adorable bunny look is easily adaptable to many of your hare-raising costume adventures! Have fun and use your imagination!