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How To Create An Electrifying Frankenstein Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Frankenstein Costume Look

Not quite a zombie, not quite a vampire, the monster created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein holds his own special place in the classic monster hall of fame. First introduced by Mary Shelley in her epic novel, "Frankenstein" way back in 1818, the Frankenstein monster has been rebooted and re-morphed many times over the past nearly two hundred years. Nonetheless, this lumbering creation born entirely from twisted mad science has found his way into every horror lover's heart. Frankenstein has a very distinctive look with many unique characteristics that upon first glance may seem daunting to try and replicate, especially for the novice costume consumer. Don't be afraid to try and recreate one of the most unique and memorable costume looks out there, however, as our step by step instructions will talk you through the entire Frankenstein creation process. It's definitely not mad science and making your own Frankenstein look is probably a lot easier than you might think!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Decide which prosthetic pieces will best enhance your desired Frankenstein look. For our featured monstrous look, we have used the EZ Stitches Kit (#CSEZ146) and a pair of Woochie Frankly Bolts (#CSWO195) to add to his neck. Adhere these pieces carefully to the skin using spirit gum (#CSAD001C). Smooth out the edges of the pieces gently with your fingers; apply more spirit gum as needed to get really good adhesion.

Step Two:  Using a clean cosmetic sponge, stipple a little bit of liquid latex (#DD233) around the edges of the appliances in order to blend the edges of the prosthetics into the skin more seamlessly.

Step Three:  Our Frankenstein look was created using the EZ Makeup Creature Kit, (#CSEZMU011) which includes three shades of makeup, along with setting powder as well as the applicators you will need for putting on the makeup. Begin the makeup application with the green makeup and a clean slightly damp cosmetic sponge. Apply the green makeup all over the face. For our Frankenstein look, a half-mask was used to cover the top of the head/face so makeup application in this area is entirely optional. Apply the green makeup to the face, neck and to the hands if desired. Apply setting powder in order to set the makeup.

Step Four:  Using a sponge tip applicator, apply the black color from the EZ Makeup Creature kit to the eyelids and underneath the eyes, blending in the black color in the entire eye socket area. Fill in the eyebrows.

Step Five:  For our Frankenstein look, we have used the half mask that comes with the Frankenstein Costume (#RU17318). If you are using this mask as part of your Frankenstein look, now is the time to put it on.

Step Six:  Blend a little of the green makeup onto the mask piece in order to match it to the Frankenstein more effectively. Blacken the eyebrow area of the mask as well if desired. Powder the entire face and mask area lightly with setting powder.

Step Seven:  Shade the contours of the Frankenstein face with the black makeup and a cosmetic sponge. Areas to focus the shading on are the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of the nose, under the nose, the sides of the chin, etc. Blend well. Add expression lines around the sides of the mouth and running down from the lip area. Apply black makeup carefully to the lips.

Step Eight:  Using a clean, damp cosmetic sponge and the white makeup from the EZ Makeup Creature Kit, highlight your Frankenstein look in selected areas on the face such as along the bridge of the nose, on the chin, the cheekbones, etc. Blend well. Add more setting powder after you complete this step.

Step Nine:  Using EZ Blood Gel (#DE108) and a cotton swab, gently tap in blood along the appliance in the "wounded" area to create the look of fresh blood. You can also add some blood to the slashed areas on the half mask for a very cool effect.

Now it's time to get dressed in your favorite monstrous Frankenstein costume! Our Frankenstein look was created using costume (#RU17318, which as indicated above, comes with a nifty half mask that makes getting that Frankenstein look very easy. Our Frankenstein has found true love and has taken a wife, the Bride of Frankenstein of course. The Bride of Frankenstein costume (#IC1075) comes complete with an absolutely epic wig and bolted necklace as seen here. This monstrous couple creates an amazing and truly memorable costume look that will have all your friends talking. A true graveyard smash!