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How To Create An Epic Werewolf Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018


Legends and ancient folklore tell of a beast that could transform himself from normal human form into a wolf-like being known as a werewolf. Some werewolves could transform themselves at will. Other werewolves would only make this hideous transformation under precise circumstances, which almost always included a brightly lit full moon. Still other werewolves were under some kind of a spell or evil hex, which would cause this very disturbing kind of metamorphosis to occur. The werewolf is considered one of the most classic monsters of all time and thus is always a favorite Halloween costume look.

Don't let the intricate makeup and detailed look of the werewolf intimidate you. Creating an amazing werewolf look is easy when you follow our step-by-step instructions with a few makeup and costume essentials found at Halloween Express!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Start with a clean and dry face. Most of the Werewolf makeup look will be created using the Werewolf Makeup Kit. (Product # CSFX009) This handy kit includes the werewolf face appliances, spirit gum, brown and black makeup and application sponges. Begin the application process by checking the fit of the appliance, trim if necessary but make sure and not trim too much and always allow at least 1/4" around the base of the piece.

Step Two:  Start with the upper appliance. Apply spirit gum onto the face where the appliance will be attached. Tap the spirit gum with your finger until you feel it become tacky. Press the appliance into place, smoothing the edges the best you can. Apply more spirit gum as necessary for good adhesion.

Step Three:  Repeat the above process using the lower appliance.

Step Four:  (optional) Brush on liquid latex (#DD233) around the edges of the appliance to help blend the appliance seamlessly into the skin. This may require two coats. Make sure the latex is completely dry before moving on to the next step. Apply a light dusting of setting powder (#DD321) before moving on to the next step.

Step Five:  Using the Wolf Brown makeup found in the werewolf makeup kit, (#CSFX009) and a clean sponge applicator, load the sponge with the brown makeup and begin to dab it gently around the edges of appliance, onto the appliance itself, and onto the face. Cover all areas of the face and neck that will be exposed.

Step Six:  Using the black makeup found in the werewolf makeup kit (#CSFX009), apply this color into the recessed areas of the appliance, the cheek hollows, the nasal folds, under the lip, around the hairline and any areas you want give a more shadowed appearance. If you overdo it, you can always go back and add more of the brown makeup until you have the look you desire. Apply more setting powder (#DD321) to set the makeup and to prevent smudging.

Step Seven:  Next you will need to apply the werewolf hair. Unwind the long strand of hair. You will need to cut off pieces of the hair and glue them on starting at the jaw line and working upward in a similar fashion to applying shingles onto a roof. Apply spirit gum to the jaw line and make it tacky by dabbing it with a clean sponge. Take a thin piece of hair about 3" long and stick to the spirit gum. Sometimes it's easier to press on the hair with a tongue depressor or with the end of a brush so it doesn't stick to your fingers. Keep adding spirit gum and hair until you have the desired effect. For our werewolf look, we have chosen to use a wolfman wig (#MR178050) but there is plenty of hair in the werewolf makeup kit to apply hair to the entire face, forehead and temples to get the look you desire. Our werewolf is wearing werewolf gloves (#1004), but once again, if you prefer you can apply hair from the makeup kit to your hands by using spirit gum and the hair found within the kit.

Step Eight:  Using Blood Gel (#DD533) and a cotton swab, apply blood as desired around the mouth/fang area to give the werewolf a very satisfied, "just fed" look.

Our werewolf is wearing a very realistic looking Werewolf Shirt, (#1003) which comes complete with a torn up shirt attached to a fur interior top that creates the look of very copious (not to mention wolfy) body hair. Our werewolf hands are created by wearing easy to maneuver Werewolf gloves (#1004) and our werewolf's feet are gruesomely detailed by wearing Werewolf feet in the brown color. (#DU981) As mentioned above, we have easily created a very dramatic werewolf style hairdo by using the Wolfman wig. (#MR178050) Creating a werewolf look is easy, fun and sure to impress (and maybe even scare) your friends. Have a howling good time!