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How To Create An Evil Queen Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating an Evil Queen Costume Look

When it comes to legendary Disney villains, the Evil Queen might take the cake...or in this case, perhaps she'll just hand off a vicious poison apple instead! Queen Grimhilde (yes, she really does have a name) has a form of self-absorbed narcissism that has completely consumed her. Once her magic mirror informs her of the truth (that she is no longer the fairest of them all) she becomes filled with a jealous rage that causes her to go a little crazy. It doesn't matter that her spot as the most beautiful woman in the land has been taken over by her sweet and innocent stepdaughter, Snow White. In fact, that detail seems only to make matters worse. Queen Grimhilde then devises a truly diabolical plan that itself has become as legendary as the Evil Queen's wicked character.

Creating an Evil Queen costume look for Halloween or any other dress up adventure is simple when you follow our easy to do step by step instructions. We've put together a makeup look that is so amazing that it may even give Snow White a run for her money! Follow these easy steps to create an Evil Queen makeup look.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply concealer (#DD174) to any dark areas beneath the eyes. Use a concealer to cover any other blemishes or skin imperfections in order to create a more flawless look to the skin.

Step Two:  Apply a foundation to the skin in a shade that closely matches your natural skin tone. We wanted our Evil Queen to be a little on the pale side, but that's a matter of preference. Our featured look was created using Celebre Foundation in Light Beige. (#DD411)

Step Three:  The Evil Queen eye makeup is going to be very dark and dramatic. In order to get the line perfectly straight, we have used a piece of tape applied diagonally out from the corner in the eye to be used as a guide. The tape will ensure that the eye shadow line comes out perfectly straight. Apply Mehron EYE cream (black #DD107) to the eyelid up to the edge of the tape. Using a thin, angled brush, apply this same black color as a liner along the lower lash line. Remove the tape. Touch up as needed.

Step Four:  Using a dark brown eye pencil, (#DE02) fill in the eyebrows using short feathery strokes. Try to keep the brow shape more angular as opposed to a soft curve, giving your Evil Queen a much meaner and angrier facial appearance.

Step Five:  Apply false eyelashes (#EA83) for a dramatic finish to the eye makeup. Apply a thin layer of glue to the edge of the lash and let it set up for a few seconds. Press the lash as close as you can to the natural upper lash line. You can use tweezers if that makes it easier for you to apply the lash.

Step Six:  Using a fluffy brush, brush on Mehron Cheek Powder in Rosewood (#DD425) on the cheeks. Keep the look soft; you don't want too much color in this gal's face!

Step Seven:  The Evil Queen has very dramatic lips. We have used Mehron LIP cream in Apple Red to accentuate the lips and add intense color.

Step Eight:  Using a fluffy brush and Colorset setting powder, lightly dust the entire face with powder to set the makeup. Queen Grimhilde is very vain; you can bet she wants her makeup to stay fresh and last all night long!

Step Nine:  If you aren't using your natural hair to complete your Evil Queen costume look, a wig is the perfect accessory to get your look just right. There are many styles to choose from that would work well for the Evil Queen. We have given our Evil Queen long, luxurious brunette hair with the Silk Spectre Wig. (#RU51766)

Now it's time to get dressed in your chosen Evil Queen costume! We have dressed our model in the theatrical quality Evil Queen costume, with lavish detailing, including boning in the bodice, embroidery and gold lace. (#IC8016) Our model has finished the look with garter style stockings (#UA1988) and glittery black shoes. (#HA122)

As you can see, the Evil Queen looks stunning. She's diabolical. She's wicked. She's the embodiment of evil. And now, the Evil Queen can be at your next Halloween party!