I love crafts and Halloween season seems like the perfect time for us all to get a little bit creative. It's so much fun decorating your home for the fall months. The bright colors and festive themes just really get you in the mood for all the exciting things that come along with the fall. The spooky, scary fun of Halloween adds a whole other dimension to home décor that you will not want to miss. This craft idea is extra creepy cool because not only is it super easy and inexpensive to do but the results are super eerie, adding a really mysterious effect to your yard that is perfect for Halloween night!

What you will need:

  • Toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes. (If you use paper towel tubes, cut them in half.)
  • Scissors
  • An index card or other stiff paper to make patterns.
  • 4' Glow sticks
  • Masking or Duct tape

Sketch eye patterns on an index card or other piece of stiff paper.
You don't have to use a pattern, but this is the easiest way to make sure both of the eyes are the same size. As an alternative to using a pattern, if you want to free hand your design directly onto to the paper roll, that's completely fine. Once you have your eyes drawn onto the toilet paper tube, then it's time to carefully cut them out. The tube itself will not show once your craft is complete and on display so don't worry about it if you make a mistake or if the cutting is not completely perfect.


Get creative with eye shapes and try cutting several different sizes, shapes and designs.

Let Let

Follow the package instructions for activating your glow sticks. Most of the time, it's just a simple matter of bending the stick itself gently until the stick makes a popping or cracking sound, which will then activate the liquid inside and make it instantly begin to glow. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to obtain the full level of brightness.

Pop an activated glow stick inside each toilet paper roll you have ready and cut. I used a variety of colored glow sticks but next time I might try using all yellow glow sticks instead--I think that would look very scary, too! After the glue sticks are inside the tubes, tape off the ends with masking tape just to ensure that the glow stick stayed in place.

Hide the glowing toilet paper rolls in your bushes or trees in a way so that in the dark the spooky eyeballs show through the foliage. Doesn't this look amazing? ᅠᅠStart saving those toilet paper rolls now so by Halloween night you will be able to fill your entire yard with creepy, glowing eyes!