Sexy Halloween Costumes

For centuries, Halloween has likely been the scariest holiday on the calendar.  Of course, all the scares and thrills of Halloween are all done on purpose in the name of good fun, but part of good Halloween fun is still being a little scared.  How in the world then, did Halloween also become one of the sexiest holidays of the year? 

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind?  Undoubtedly, things like pumpkins, bats, ghosts, ghouls, witches, and vampires pop into your head.  In recent decades, a bit of a rebellion has occurred.  Although it once was considered classic Halloween tradition to dress up in something monstrous on Halloween night, these days on All Hallows' Eve, you are just as likely to see beautiful, glamorous and yes, also very sexy costume looks.  What is going on? 

Dressing up in a Halloween costume is an annual tradition for many folks, and we don't mean just children.  More and more adults are participating in Halloween dress up every year.  Perhaps some adults want to dress up in a look that represents one their innermost fantasies.  Others may want to take advantage of an opportunity to live outside of the box a little and dress up as something far removed from their everyday life.  The vast majority, however, probably just want to look amazing in their costume and a beautiful and yes, sexy costume is the perfect way to do it. 

To take the sexy costume trend a step further, have you noticed how many costumes now have a sexier version of what was usually non-sexy character?  Even the most unlikely characters have been amped up into a look that is very seductive and beguiling in its somewhat conflicted presentation. For example, costumes such as sexy skeletons, sexy vampires, sexy pirates, sexy sharks, sexy dragons, sexy firefighters, sexy bumblebees and dozens of sexy witches not only exist but are extremely popular every Halloween.

The truth is, the metamorphosis of Halloween costumes proves once and for all that Halloween is mostly about having fun.  Halloween does not have to be scary to accomplish this, and with a vast number of revelers each year the gruesome and gory gear will be tossed aside in favor of costumes that are substantially less scary and a lot more racy!  Casting a spell on Halloween has indeed taken on a whole new meaning.

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